by Max Barry

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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

1950 - JANUARY - 10


    The first elections since the ascension of sitting Archon, Anomedes Gorgosios Lenaleos, honoured by the Senate as Asalinos, are to take place prior to the 1470th Ephyralia in the next few months. The battle to succeed Asalinos is expected to be a ferocious one, and the position of Archon re-defined as an office of great eminence and esteem. Following the Archon's deliverance of victory over the Russians in the Great War, and the reform of society and law to bring Ephyra into line with the Classical ideals of our forefathers, his term of office will be difficult to follow indeed.

    It was initially unclear how long the term of the office would last, with Asalinos given heightened powers by the Senate in 1943 by the Gregorian Calendar, the last year of the Ephyral backfoot in the war. These heightened powers were afforded with a ten year limit, but were surrendered back to the Senate in 1948 with the war's end, and with justice exacted from rebellious provinces and clients who threatened the security of the reborn Freehold.

    Asalinos made clear that his term would finish ten years from when it started, and decreed that all Archons would serve a ten year term unless suffering death or being forced out due to failure. This will be the first time that the new Ephyra under Classicialist values and ideals elects an Archon, with a reconstituted idea of meaningful citizenship, national allegiance, and pride in a growing and prosperous state.

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