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Region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations

The batavia colony

Dietsland Times
31 January 1951
The night of the dead rats
On a quiet night one of the biggest crackdown operation on Dutch soil was conducted. KNIL and Landwacht soldiers stormed nationalist hideouts and encampments all across the country. Weapons and munitions got confiscated. Prominent leaders like Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta got captured and are currently being escorted to the nearest detainment camp.

The Trap
A KNIL convoy was driving trough the hilly terrain of java when suddenly gunshots were heard. The Convoy was stopped and KNIL soldiers rushed outside of their vehicles. It was already too late, Dozens of armed nationalists rushed to the convoy. The final words on the radio were from a KNIL
lieutenant: "Its too late, I'm afraid we are not gonna make it. We got overrun, it... it all was a trap."

Word of this quickly spread trough the local population and later Sukarno aired on the radio proclaiming the free republic of Indonesia. The crackdown had no effect because the nationals were expecting one and prepared for it. Sukarno said that we should arm ourselves and kick out the Belanda's. (Indonesian swearword for the Dutch)

In the following weeks militias quickly took massive amounts of ground on the island of Sumatra and Java. They managed to take over the country side but not the big cities protected by the KNIL and Landwacht garrisons. The current situation in Indonesia is grim as the Indonesians took over almost all of Sumatra and parts of java. The spread out colonial garrison couldn't handle the numbers of the Indonesian militia's

The government of Dietsland announced to mobilize against the treat in Indonesia and send its army and their carrier fleet to Indonesia. Men all across the empire volunteered to join up. Van Geelkerken said that this will be a swift war and that we shall take back the land the traitors of the Dutch empire took.

Nordamy and Karthspirije