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Official Presidency Established

With Aysi Amaechi being the interim president of West Africa, her job is to build up the nation as much as she can while she remains in power. Announced just yesterday, elections will be held for the First President of West Africa, under the newly established Constitution of West Africa of 2019. In the constitution, things are outlined for the president. They are: the president must uphold the constitution and the rights of the citizens of West Africa, the president is set to a four year term with a max of two consecutive terms, and a max of four total terms, the president is given the ability to propose a movement to war to the Congress of West Africa, and the president is not allowed to disband any department.

Currently running for the position are:

President: Enitan Madaki
Vice President: Abebe Obi

President: Arkamun Bello
Vice President: Anon Okonkwo

President: Kibwe Ekwensi
Vice President: Babatunde Madaki

President: Zuri Akinyemi
Vice President: Akwasi Falana

Enitan is from the newly formed Republican Party, formed out of the ideals of the now disbanded Republican Movement. Arkamun does not affiliate himself with any party. Kibwe associates himself with the Citizen's Party, which bases it's ideals on traditional ways, but also modern ways to help improve the life of people in West Africa. Zuri associates herself with the West Party, based on West Africa-first ideals.

Each candidate will be voted a few weeks. Whichever candidate wins will become the First President of West Africa. Also, elections will be held in all 197 divisions of West Africa to fill both the Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate will house 2 candidates from each division. The HRWA will house a set number of representatives from each division based on its population.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has also been established under Amaechi. Embassy requests and new passports should be out in a month to three months.

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