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Region: Novus Lucidum

Odinburgh wrote:I think all of us should wait a few weeks so the flames are cooled down again to even talk about this. Of course they are worried about inauguration day so this may not be over. I think we all including myself need to just stay calm. Even I can admit what happened on Wednesday it really caused me to lose my cool. At same time all the racism, lies, fraud, and attack on democracy I honestly believe I should just stay calm, keep cool and hope this will all pass when things can get to a point of being less chaotic.

Okay I just want to see this chaotic time to pass before I say something that just might get me booted from NS all together. I just need to be calm again. The reason I retracted my policy above all things.

Who cares anymore, this region is dead anyway. Might as well give idiots a piece of my mind.