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✵ Welcome to the Free and Independent Principality of Montealba, the Morally Justified! ✵
Proud champions of anarcho-monarchism

Outlaw? Hunted for war crimes? Tried to coup your region, only to fail and be exiled? We don't care--just walk right in! We don't extradite!
Ruled eternally in heaven by Captain Hocherlan (praise Him).
Ruled temporally by Lieutenant Eldurgoth (salute him).
Ruled on paper by Prince Trigori (please petition inside, he is not allowed to leave the palace or he might catch a cold)

Endorse Kintada or we will find you!


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    A brief history of Montealba and its people

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Montealba contains 31 nations, the 529th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Safest in Montealba

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, Montealba is ranked 10,874th in the world for Safest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The High Kingdom of KintadaLiberal Democratic Socialists“skip class smoke grass eat [REDACTED]”
2.The ✵ Cascadian Republic ✵ of SeattleNinja008Left-Leaning College State“Losing is FUN!!!”
3.The Confederacy of Nova HrodskAuthoritarian Democracy“Au Hrodskif karila porro Nau ja Zihelaja”
4.The Federation of drakeyeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If you hug me, i get stabby stabby.”
5.The Kingdom of Shaw BigadanterstandPsychotic Dictatorship“This is fine”
6.The Drakian Puppetstate of The NDMCInoffensive Centrist Democracy“''True friends are hard to come by''”
7.The Babylonian Awakening of Dagoth UurFather Knows Best State“induru induru induru ntibahagarara ntibahagarara”
8.The Armed Republic of The WhermachtIron Fist Consumerists“Democratiam in Tenebris Moriatur”
9.The The the of of Xarsako StrawmanlcDemocratic Socialists“Pwanpanon Armňa Tsirmkle”
10.The Federation of Gaia MajorIron Fist Consumerists“Futurum Aeterna Victoria”

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Just want to give you a heads up and tell you in advance that I‘ll be unable to post a reply until Saturday due to Uni.

Nova Hrodsk wrote:RP - OOC
Just want to give you a heads up and tell you in advance that I‘ll be unable to post a reply until Saturday due to Uni.

cool cool you're cool



A new workshop, a new beginning. Mr. Hakala could not help but wonder how he did it. He survived Teire, unfortunately exiled to somewhere worse. Thank whoever installed this AC unit, one of the few in the territory, in his workshop. Currently, the outside was above 100 degrees. Had it not been for this AC unit, poor Hakala would've up and died. He preferred colder temperatures. Aside from his assortment of tasks given to him by his superiors, Mr. Hakala had nothing to do. Despite the extreme temperatures, and his sputtering AC, Mr. Hakala insisted on his mid afternoon coffee. Opening the jar of instant coffee crystals, he was disappointed to find less than a spoonful left. An outrage. He would be filing a complaint immediately. This was not a productive working environment for Mr. Hakala.

The orders were well received. To an extent. The squatters holding out saw no real reason to resist these offers. After all, it was easier than fighting back. They didn't plan on staying either way, make some money, and get out. It shouldn't be too bad. Those insistent on refusing, few in number at this point, would be simply pushed to the other side of the Basin, closer to Vedria, out of reach of Dyxy. For the most part, the procedure came without incident, besides the occasional freebooter getting into an air battle over the basin. But they were driven off. To the people of Dyxy however, it was a symbolic victory over the "scoundrels", and a restoration of much needed order not seen since the fall of Karlovia. For now, operations would be running smoothly.

Weeks passed, as the group of cavalry rode up to Bozhuk land. It was very harsh, for what would be 5 days of flight for an airship would take more than that to get from Ft. Hozan to Hozan, the first Bozhuk city. Four of the horses gave out on the journey. Fortunately, the cloud of dust kicked up by the Dyxy riders would catch the attention of the Bozhuks in Hozan, who sent out their own party to meet them. They were wary, of these new people. They were different. Yet, cut from the same stock as the Karlovians. However, they were not quick to judge. Had they meant malice, they would've rode out in greater force. As such, the Bozhuks led the envoy to Hozan, giving them fresh horses to make the journey to Arez, where King Hapchik of the Bozhuks ruled from.

Again, weeks would pass, as the horsemen reached the edge of Arez. During this journey, they camped beneath the stars. The Bozhuks were generous in sharing with their guests. Although they did not have much, they shared their own herbal teas with the Dyxy riders, as well as the dried strips of meat they had brought along. The meat itself had a distinct, musky taste to it. It was widely regarded among the Dyxy as unpleasant, much to the amusement of their Bozhuk counterparts. When they reached the edge of Arez, another party of riders arrived, already aware of Dyxy's presence. Among those riders was the daughter, and only child of Hapchik, Zar'Ah, a bright and bold one with fire in her eyes. She said no word, and for the most part, scorned Dyxy for being here. However, upon arrival at King Hapchik's throne, in a dreary adobe and brick house, the Dyxy envoy would have their audience with King Hapchik.

He was a tired man, the fire in his eyes having been snuffed out a long time ago. His wrinkly face would still show curiosity at his visitors. He did not speak much. He was old, but could still walk. A soft spoken man, he greeted the Dyxy envoy. Why have you come here, we have nothing he said hopelessly. For the next hours, they spoke at great length. Although, most of the conversation was not of much importance. The weather, how the world was. King Hapchik asked for a drink, which he was glad when it was provided. To Lt. Wilcox, King Hapchik explained that they would be willing to trade with Dyxylan. Finer things really, in return, a few things they could give. But not much. Wool, crickets, clothing, blankets, drink. What wealth the Bozhuks once had was gone after the battle of Hozan so long ago. At great length, King Hapchik would reminisce about his younger years, as a king. After succeeding his father, Hapchik had waged war against the Imperials in what would be known as the Bozhuki Uprising. It was at Hozan that they were brutally crushed, and the land they once held south of here, the arable land, was taken from them. It certainly was an interesting story. Lt. Wilcox and his envoy would get his audience, and eventually, it was time to go. It would take a very long time to return. But return they did.

Fargo was open to the offers of becoming a state. However, the mayor of Fargo declined ultimately. If they became a state of Dyxylan, they were liable to become intertwined in local politics. The mayor of Fargo, with his incredible foresight, predicted that there was conflict to come. He wanted to remain neutral for the time being, however, would be open to Dyxylan moving through the area freely, and trading freely. So long as they respected the property and livelihoods of the people of Fargo, there should be no issues.

The city of Dust was always surprised to be rewarded for something so simple. But nevertheless, hurray for Dyxylan, they suppose. If that meant more gifts in the future...

Gaia Major

The plan was sound on paper. And in fact, relatively easy to execute. In Eris, there was a host of people somewhat discontent with the way that the union representatives ran things. Not enough reward for hard workers, propping up some of the bad apples, and a power structure that favored some of the senior workers rather than young ones. Although, the number of discontent people was a little less than they would've liked. However, this was the part where the plan begun to fall loose.

While there was indeed, some discontent, the grumblers remained a minority compared to the rest of the workers. In the Eris Worker's Union, built upon the philosophy of the workers, those who did the labor, being entitled to the sweat of their own brow, meant that most workers directly benefited from their work. As such, there was no real incentive to rebel or start a strike. After all, it was essentially an employee owned company. They had the right to elect their own managers and bosses, following a bottom up style of leadership. If their union steward wasn't working in their interests, they could simply vote him out rather than having to rebel. This was in comparison to before the formation of the union, where they worked for an oil drilling corporation based out of the territory. The change was stark, and for the better, and with their independence newly won, the workers had no reason to start trouble. Why fight for freedom when you already have it? As such, talk of sedition, rebellion, and strikes did not go far. There would need to be greater discontent at the style of governance before something could happen. Whether or not the new terms were presented, the union representatives would reject them either way.

From the bottom, to the top, a message was sent to the managers of the five year plan. Engineers and planners had some issues with the plan that could be solved. At the moment, Vedria has no existing industrial infrastructure, besides the presses and workshops in the fort in their lands. As such, to build up industrial power from the ground up would take time, something that would be difficult. There was some hope however. If Vedria were to seek some more industrially advantaged nation to lend assistance, the time it would take to build up industrial power would be shortened. But at the moment, it would take longer than five years to accomplish this task.

Fortunately, the report noted. Oil drilling equipment shouldn't be as difficult to manufacture, considering the existing infrastructure in the Parched Sea Basin. Once a workshop can be set up, they can start making them. However, it would go a lot faster if Vedria were to have an industrial base to work off. This being a territory, the area was not self sufficient before, and it would be hard to make it self sufficient now. In any other circumstance, they could import technical knowledge and special equipment from outside the territory, but this was not possible. Their best hopes would be to perhaps source the specialized equipment from the Baug Dynasty (drakeye) or the Karlovian Deaconship, both entities occupying the former administrative, and consequently, the main industrial base of the territory.

Food self sufficiency was also an issue, but could be accomplished. Geologists suggest advancing further up north, to Pasli's border. It is explained that when Piram was first settled, Lord Piram funded an extensive irrigation project, pumping fresh water from underground aquifers where Pasli was. It shouldn't be too hard to construct pumps, but there would need to be an aquifer beneath them for it to work. The area Vedria occupies has no aquifer, however, the geologist suggest that perhaps they could find water further north, closer to the fertile area of Pasli. Currently, the territory north up to the Pasli border is unclaimed. If they could send out a survey crew, they can possibly find a smaller aquifer to pump water from, and start up a new agricultural area.


Sawa Kobeshay listened to the Dyxylan delegation with some interest. He took the caskets of wine with political graciousness and even poured himself a glass while in discussions. It wasn't bad...but it tasted different than the stuff he typically gets from House Addis, more...rustic. He made a mental note to pawn it off to someone else as a gift when he next got the chance. Snapping his attention back to the delegation he quickly waves his hand at their offer, "Excellent excellent! I know I, and the Rexum will agree, wish for good relations with our new neighbors in the province! I can speak for my house when I say that we would love to conduct trade. We have many rare and exotic animals that we farm here in my fields. Some of which we don't know if they can be found anywhere in the wild! Perhaps we can take a trip so I can show you?" He makes a mental note to show-off certain animals such as the "deer", "Bison", and his personal fish pool that held a rare fish known as "Salmon"

In terms of a non-aggression pact, I can't speak for the Rexum, I recommend you speak with the regional director for the Rexum here in Lillin to confirm such a treaty.(To avoid a painful Byzantine bureaucracy RP the regional director accepts the NAP). After some pleasantries are exchanged about the Dyxy Wine, in which Sawa shows off his personal stock, most notably a 156FF Min Cognac from before the dissolution of the Empire. Once the conversation switches to the topic of a special wharf for Paslian traders Sawa Kobeshay's demeanor suddenly changes. Having a more direct access to the Dyxy bazaar would be a great boon to his business...especially considering what the Dyxylaners like to eat most. It may be prudent that in his report of this meeting that he "accidentally" forgoes putting this information down...

"We would be honoured to establish ourselves within your bazaar. Despite your minarchist ways its reputation proceeds you as a wonderful hub for trade in the western regions. My Regional Director for Dyxylan, a man named Robere Li has spoken many good things of that place." He was about to say that they should work out such details for the wharf with his regional director, but then remembered an incident 2 years ago with his last director in which he violated something called a Non-Aggression Principle with some businessmen which led to the poor lad getting shot legally. Afterward, the Lord Kobeshay resolved to only hire Dyxylaners and too not get too bureaucratic with them, deciding instead to just quickly accept the deal and sign whatever they needed.

When all the business was done he returned the favour with a gift of fresh Kobe Beef and a small sample of Salmon for their leader to try. When all was said and done, Sawa Kobeshay couldn't have said, even if he was held at gunpoint, that it was a horrible day."


The Vedrian delegation was granted 25 minutes with the Rexum in his busy schedule. Graciously accepting the gift of wine, having it vetted beforehand for any poisons the Rexum was safe to drink it, and as he took a sip he acclaimed that it was good wine, such which even the Lady Min may find comparable. In reality, though he thought it painfully average. The wine would go in his personal warehouse where it probably wouldn't be opened again unless the Rexum needed a quick second-hand gift.

At the offer of Vedrian Oil, the Rexum was interested. If there was a downside to Paslian industry it was the lack of many raw materials such as Oil and metals and this trade deal seemed fine enough, but he thought it strange they would ask such thing. Keeping his face passive as the Vedrians droned on about the benefits he thought to himself, Don't they know who we are? He found it strange that these people are asking Pasli to limit their oil purchases to just a singular market when almost all of Paslian society is towards moving into every market, and keeping it diverse. He would almost feel insulted if he didn't see the advantage to this deal. Turning his attention back to the Vedrians as they were finishing up and realizing he had just 7 minutes left of the meeting he gives them a curt smile and turning back to sample of oil the Vedrians provided him, "I thank you for the offer. You people are right. My people are not fortunate to have Oil beneath our lands but it is not what drives our society. Nonetheless, as you say this oil is very quality and I can believe this discount you grant us will be very valuable for our future plans. I can say with certainty House Liu will want some barrels right away!" he gives a little chuckle. "But if you wish for us to restrict our trade to just you, we must get something a bit more in return. Along with the discount, if you are willing to allow the Paslian families to establish their monopolies in Vedria and conduct trade for foodstuffs with only us, then we can be in agreement."

The Rexum is already holding a pen, awaiting for the Vedrians approval.
Gaia Major


The Glencore Smith Company, at their counter-offer of using livestock for food is just as well accepted. Offering various contracts for cows, pigs, and smaller chickens in exchange for raw and refined materials from the mines. It is also asked that if Glencore Smith would allow companies providing meat foods to enter the market of the territory, the biggest of which being Pasli Meats Ltd. one of the larger of House Kobeshay's companies. If they would allow it it would make for trade to be cheaper as they can send over the foods directly to the markets, allowing the customers to buy them at market prices instead of at higher, import prices.


Rexum Thao Liu III sent a message back expressing his regret that an agreement could not be reached and that he hoped that their two people could still live in harmony with each other. With his advisors though, behind closed doors, the subject was rather different. After the meeting with the Bozhuks many in the Board of Directors for House Liu had seen interest in using their nomadic lifestyle and hardy population as good, cheap, industrial workers and a good professional ground army. The General Director, Thomas Liu, a distant cousin to the Rexum, brought up possibly expanding their territory, working with House Addis, in negotiating with the Imperials in Ft. Hozun to join the Paslians as a northern border guard and then economically(Or literally, depending on who you ask) starve the Bozhuks into coming to the negotiating table. While not very expansionist, the Paslians are not one to let a good opportunity go to waste, and having a fortress city like Ft. Hozun under Paslian, and thus Liu control would finally provide a much better base of operations for developing weapons and equipment for their businesses, possibly allowing them to expand to the other warlord states in the province.

Finding that plan excellent Rexum Thao Liu III approved an airship delegation to go to Ft. Hozun to negotiate with the commander of the fort. Understanding that the Karlovians seemed to have abandoned them they offer the garrison a large amount of cash straight up, along with promises of work and resupply, through food from Pasli and future material supply from trade with Glencore Smith if they agree to join Pasli. They do concede that the city would come under the nominal control of House Liu but they say that the residents there can still elect whomever they wish as Governor and write their own constitution as a new Liuan territory in Pasli.

Other plans slated out are, after a request by House Fang to expand many of their lumber mills and a special request by the Lord Fang himself to invest in a silk farm. One the Rexum was both pleased and annoyed at, Silk was very valuable but out here it was almost too expensive, but it still managed to sell so he approved it. Various Hound, Aurial, and ground cavalry will begin scouting out regions around Paslian territories using old maps and info to search for old acquirers or good arable land.

Down south Phillip Dylcur, seeing the changing landscapes with the other houses decides he needs to make a move, sending out a small delegation to the Karlovian navy he asks to speak about the illegally occupied Dylcur farmlands in Karlovian territory. This delegation is well guarded to avoid ambushes. But the biggest part of this delegation is that they are not truly diplomats. Sure they are trained in negotiations and have the authority to sign government documents but it's just a front. These trained people are actually spies. Specially trained and gaining information in indirect ways and discovering patrol times, and weaknesses in an enemy's defenses, whether it be physical or mental. While the Duke Dylcur wonders if the Karlovians will surprise him and actually be reasonable he still cannot forgive them for killing his son, and so if their leader could have an unfortunate accident at some point in the future he would feel very good about that. But first, he needed info before he tried anything.

Do we wait for Nova Hrodsk to post his RP, (turn-based) or is it async and we can continue?

Gaia Major wrote:Do we wait for Nova Hrodsk to post his RP, (turn-based) or is it async and we can continue?

Usually, we roll in turns, but Mazda is modding on his own schedule. There hasn't been something entirely drastic to warrant time-sensitive turns or anything. So you can keep replying and such. As will everyone else. Ertz isn't falling behind either.


Eldurgoth wrote:Usually, we roll in turns, but Mazda is modding on his own schedule. There hasn't been something entirely drastic to warrant time-sensitive turns or anything. So you can keep replying and such. As will everyone else. Ertz isn't falling behind either.

OK cool

Kintada wrote:assbutt



Kommandant Sorenson pores over the offer extended by Pasli.
"Well, it's...intriguing, I'll give them that," he remarks. "Bold, as well. I'm simply concerned that it might jeopardise our own situation. Tell the Rexum this: we accept, but with the caveat that food prices not be hiked to greater than 15% of their value at the time of signing this treaty. Should this condition be triggered, we shall have no choice but to cancel."
Northward Bound
The influx of immigrants from the troubled lands of Piram have resulted in a sizeable increase in the population of Vedria. These new emigres shall be designated colonists, and be diverted to settle northward in the more fertile, irrigated lands there. Their role shall be to
a) in conjunction with the Geological Society, identify reliable aquifers
b) establish profitable and sufficient agricultural colonies. These shall be directed primarily to food crops, but also for cash in the form of vineyards and cotton plantations. A processing plant is to be set up here as well, that shall convert raw cotton into woven cloth that will be shaped into the envelopes and gas bags of airships, for domestic and export use.
Blood and Iron
Envoys have been dispatched to the Baug Dynasty drakeye, Pasli Meyle, Dyxylan Eldurgoth and the Karlovian Deaconship, soliciting assistance in the development of Vedrian industry. The interested parties shall be required to establish profitable factories in accordance with the five year plan, and to educate the proletariat of Vedria in industrial techniques. They shall also be required to provide plans for industrial apparatus.
Payment will be in the form of a fixed percentage of revenue of said factories for a period of 5 years divided by the time taken to finish these factories. Since this is a tender, the project shall be given to the lowest bidder. In addition, Vedria shall furnish the wages and operating costs incurred in this development.
The Eris Question
"Eris is growing to become quite the thorn in our side," Pedersen begins to Sorenson. "We need to remove this problem, one way or another."
"Well, what do you suggest? Short of an actual hostile takeover, all cards are on the table."
"Hmm, you know, I was thinking: the previous plan might well have worked, were it not for the insufficient dissent. You see, we know their leadership is venal, but the citizens do not. We must show them what a dystopia they are living under. SUMMON MY CHIEF SPY!" he booms.
"You called?"
"Yes, hello, Dmitri. I need you to do some digging on Mr Silver. See what you can find out about his dealings under the Empire. Anything...immoral, or illicit, you get my drift? Then send in one of the newly trained spies as an "anonymous blackmailer", and force Silver to abdicate else he will tell Eris of his crimes. Also send another spy to him, and offer a truly immense bribe to institute policies that will benefit us. I mean, massive: no man could refuse this sum-potentially the value of Eris' GDP, even. Make these policies trivial, so as to not arouse suspicion and also to increase the chance that he will accept.
Once he does, we spring the trap. Have an elaborate ceremony in which this "neutral" and harried spy approaches Vedria for a platform to reveal this truth. From behind a facade of diplomatic indignance we shall condemn Silver, and demand that he step down for the good of Eris. Then install a pro-Vedria candidate as leader. From there we shall look to establishing our own interests in Eris, as well as providing healthcare and a system of (pro-Vedria) centralised democracyTM.
"I shall do as you ask, Kommandant."

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