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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Hyperian Protectorate of Empirical Science (elected )

Founder: The Galactic Autarchy of Magna Hyperion

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Welcome to New Hyperion. It pays to pay attention.
~Founded October 29th 2014~
"New Hyperion, and its companion Foundation at the other end of the galaxy, are to be the seeds and founders of the Third Galactic Empire."

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We are now a vassal of Wintreath. Though we remain active, all citizens are encouraged to join their region, Linkforums, and LinkDiscord using a puppet.

All WA nations should endorse the WACom Delegate, Empirical Science. The current endorsement limit for all other nations is 0, and is enforced by the Inquisition.

Embassy requests will not be accepted without first applying for a consulate on our forum.

Embassies: Wintreath, Aura Hyperia, Warhammer 40000, New Hypertension, Hyperian Guard, The Land of Power, The United States of Europe, The Confederacy of Free Nations, and Atlantis.

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New Hyperion contains 39 nations, the 329th most in the world.


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The Most Politically Free in New Hyperion

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, New Hyperion is ranked 16,615th in the world for Most Politically Free.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Empire of Rationalist ScienceLeft-wing Utopia“Truth and Knowledge for All”
2.The Republic of Eleutheria TerraNew York Times Democracy“Futurum in hoc ex actibus nostris.”
3.The New Hyperion Autocracy of GenesisAnarchy“Mors ultima linea rerum est”
4.The Empire of BernalandiaAnarchy“varietates tuetur et acceptatio”
5.The Federation of Solar System 8Corporate Bordello“Uniting galaxies for a better tomorrow”
6.The Federation of ArsonolaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
7.The United Commonwealth of Terra DysoniaLeft-Leaning College State“Aemulus Deorum”
8.The Principality of BlockasiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace Justice and Garlic Bread”
9.The Rogue Nation of CarbofastInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Might Makes Right”
10.The Republic of JazundaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Drink hard. Go to bed early.”

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New Hyperion Regional Message Board

Terra Dysonia wrote:The Talos regards the Novan monarch with a softened expression. "I would have it no other way. The Scrin are not a threat we can ignore, especially after we. . .witnessed how lethal anything related to Tiberium could be." The Administrator was of course referring to the dual Tiberium attacks at the heart of Dysonian space, the first wiping out nearly the whole population of one world and the other leaving a gaping wound upon the home Dyson Sphere of the Talos.

"Though I find the manipulations of a democracy distasteful, I understand the logic behind the Enclave and its power. Though I would call into question how one could not see the rising ultranationalist fervor of Pretorius." On the point of arms, he shifts a bit. "It seems the best way to defeat these fanatics is to give them exactly what they want: Utilize Tiberium as a decoy to pull sections the Scrin into traps that will whittle down and delay their main force."

Edit: In response to Marcus's offer of the Scrin portals: "That would be ideal, I will send a communique to our flagship to prepare for the transfer. Our artificers are the best in the galaxy and I have no doubt that they will discover the inner workings of these infernal machines.

Untensing a little as Vitaan’s expression lost some of its harshness, Anna recalled images of carnage, the Tiberium hell the Black Hand terrorists had created on Gherian. She had personally assisted in the cleanup efforts, and the sights she saw were not soon forgotten. “I am glad you agree. I only wish your experience of it could have been less… Direct, but now we all know the stakes. What our worlds will look like if these monsters succeed.”

Marcus listened to Administrator Vitaan intently. So used to being engulfed in the Empire’s internal politics that he knew very little of the goings on outside Terran borders, he did not have an inkling of how true the Talos’ belief in democracy was. Yet as straightforward as he was, he assumed nothing he could not observe, and simply spoke his mind as a man who lived and breathed Terran culture.
“The manipulation of democracy is the only reason our nation can function. If you knew our long and troubled history you might agree, or you may not. But suffice it to say – we tried for centuries to let things go their natural way. Yet there were always those who abused the system for their own gains at everyone else’s expense. Even in Terra Novam. The main reason for the damned Cult Mechanicus to become as large as it did is because the government sat atop their ivory towers, propped up by industrial money, while the infrastructure crumbled and robber barons paid the law to look the other way. Our species has the unfortunate propensity for short-sighted gain at the expense of everything and everyone else. The problem with our culture is that it is simultaneously extremely individualistic and patriotic at once, and the results can be, well… By the standards of other Human civilizations, each and every Federal Terran is utterly insane.”
Stopping his tangent as it was off topic, he addressed the core of Vitaan’s question:
“The rise of ultranationalism was of no concern to us. It is part of our natural cycle, our governments shift between libertarians and nationalist types. It’s a consistent pattern – the libertarians ensure government power remains limited and freedom is upheld, while the nationalists ensure our military remains strong and our borders secure. Both are also beneficial for the economy in their own ways. Everything seemed business as usual. Elisabeth Pretorius managed to out-scheme us all. But we did see a storm coming. And we tried to prevent it. The Terran Empire’s Office of Naval Intelligence, one of the organizations under our direct control, attempted to eliminate Pretorius before she could seize power. But our task force was intercepted by the Internal Security Agency’s counter-terrorism unit and deflected. That branch of the State fell under Gartan Kondraki, in other words, Pretorius’ former greatest ally. More direct action became necessary, so we turned to our direct action wing: The Black Corps of General Jackson Vaughn, under the direct command of Imperial President Tani who is, herself, a member of the Enclave. But the Black Hand’s paramilitary forces managed to protect their leaders even if the Corps managed to consistently win in open battle and destroy many of their worst projects. We also destroyed many of their military bases and rescued thousands of politicians, military officers, and their families they had abducted to force people to do their bidding. Tiberium mutants made from abducted humans and Xenos alike, Tiberium missiles with FTL drives, all kinds of terrible toxins and bred-to-kill animals and plant life, biogenetic plagues that only targeted select species. All of that the Enclave bereaved the fascists of and more, but the Black Hand Elite Guard proved, for the most part, superior in small-unit operations. I don’t know for certain how many of our field agents we lost to their Fate Squad assassins, and they even managed to discover and kill Marianna Drexler, our mole in the Pretorian Government. Believe me, Administrator, the Enclave did all it could bar launching a coup. In retrospect that may have been the better idea, but you know what they say about hindsight. So here we are.”

“Vitaan, you sir, are brilliant!” Anna exclaimed. “I never would’ve thought of that… Evelyn will probably give you an Order of Merit for that alone.” She said this in a jovial tone, yet it was abundantly clear she was not joking – the Federals’ creative sterility meant the Talos’ plan had not occurred to any of the Terrans, and just like that, a winning strategy had been presented.
“I tend to agree.” Zoey nodded. “We can manufacture ultra-dense clusters of Tiberium, and place them on strategic uninhabited worlds. It’ll attract them like moths to the flame! We may just be able to dictate their axes of advance doing this, and bottleneck them in a handful of sectors. Momentum is key to Scrin victories – if they cannot overwhelm our lines with their numbers, they’re down to attrition. Now, they actually won via attrition the first time around, but then they caught us off guard while we were engaged in another war already. And even then it was a close thing… They’re much stronger now though.” The young Emperor bit her lip pensively. “In far greater numbers, with more dangerous units. Still, if we play our cards right…”
She turned to look at Jarl Brunnhilde. “Our Aesir colleague is correct. Her Empire has survived many terrible threats. The Hyperion Empire’s wars of extermination. The madness of the Yamato-Hyperion galactic war. The ceaseless tribulations of Chaos. And Terra Novam? She too has survived. Chaos has hit us harder than any nation in the galaxy, yet we stand. 400 years of total war against the Cult Mechanicus and its techno-abominations, and we stood! I myself was only a young sailor when First Contact with Chaos happened. I was aboard the I.S.S. Ulster, the first ship ever lost the Khornate Daemons… But I survived. And if we can build on the trust gained during the Pretorian War, we can survive this too.”
Placing her right hand along the small of her back and shaping the left into a fist near her stomach, Emperor Autumn bowed to the Jarl and Administrator in turn. “What say you… Comrades?”

Marcus confirmed the delivery of 84 Scrin portal gates to the Dyson Sphere’s care would commence as soon as possible, excusing himself to the hovering vehicle’s comm room to set the chain in motion.
The convoy entered the final minutes of its journey, coming up on the outer gates of the sprawling Imperial Palace complex when an Everest-class Dreadnought quite simply fell out of the sky.

Moments before
Orbital Defense Fleet

There had been but a few mutineers, and when they made their play by storming the bridge and engineering sections they had been quickly dispatched. But to the vessels' crew's dismay, when the first group had been killed, another sprang up. And once they were dead, a third group, loyal sailors all, had suddenly gone turncoat and became hostile. It was at this point that an Astropath aboard another vessel detected Scrin neural signatures being sent through a small, cloaked relay some AU's outside the system. A command to a nearby defense platform, and the Scrin device was no more. The Psyker had managed to determine the signal's origin, a Scrin Destroyer hiding in dark space, and a manhunt was already underway. The Masterminds that were responsible had been reduced to a pulp by a projection of Warp-fire... But for the affected Everest class Dreadnought, it was too late. She had been sabotaged, and was now falling out of the sky, directly above the Imperial Palace.
It was too late to try and repair her. Under total power failure and with the command crew locked out of every system, there was only one recourse - divert the ship's course. The crew began evacuating as nearby warships opened fire with their heaviest kinetics, hoping to redirect its trajectory to where groundside anti-orbital guns could safely destroy the vessel.
Alarms and sirens sounded throughout the city below, but with minutes to spare there was no time to evacuate. Fully shielded despite the power loss, this system selectively being kept on, and well-armored, big chunks were blown out of the Everest that vaporized on its descent, but it was not enough - its drifting hulk came down some 25 kilometers North of the Palace, flattening two blocks' worth of skyscrapers and causing what would be best described as a miniature earthquake, sending shockwaves and tremors out that caused damage for tens of miles around. It was a small mercy that the pressure blast from the impact put out fires before they had the chance to get started - though containment teams had to be dispatched right away lest the battered fusion reactor melt down and irradiate half the planet.
With one small act of sabotage, the Scrin had killed a million plus citizens in the very capital of the Novan nation... But their bit to assassinate the leaders of the free galaxy had, as a silver lining, been averted.


Hold the f up, a dreadnought just fell out of the sky? If it's as big as I'm thinking, it should be causing an impact similar to an asteroid. Where is this thing dropping in relation to the Imperial Palace?

Edit: Not a planet killer asteroid, a much smaller asteroid. Given the mass of the dreadnought impacting at terminal velocity, the resulting destruction is no doubt enormous.

Aragonn wrote:OOC

Hold the f up, a dreadnought just fell out of the sky? If it's as big as I'm thinking, it should be causing an impact similar to an asteroid. Where is this thing dropping in relation to the Imperial Palace?

Edit: Not a planet killer asteroid, a much smaller asteroid. Given the mass of the dreadnought impacting at terminal velocity, the resulting destruction is no doubt enormous.

Made an edit to address this!

Romulan Science Directorate Would you let me, Aragonn, and Dysonia mention Romulan military and Tal'Shiar involvement in the Scrin conflict? Terra Novan and the RSE have our mutual defense treaty to work with, and your distance from the frontlines would mean your forces can deploy very flexibly.

FYI I'm waiting on Aragonn to respond

Terra Dysonia wrote:FYI I'm waiting on Aragonn to respond

Sorry for the wait. I plan on posting a response today.

OOC note about IC:
Preempting any question on why this dread crash wasn't called in - a priority 1 alert from orbit to the Emperor takes 7 minutes. Since we're not at the Palace, that's 2-3 minutes more. A mutiny itself is not a P1 alert, and most likely wouldn't even be brought to attention of senior leaders. By the time she started crashing an alarm was sent out, but it only took 4 minutes before the Everest hit the ground. Hence, there just wasn't enough time to notify the convoy.

So how do we Rp. I've seen people simply leaving posts in the comments, is that alright?

Harkonnen Prime wrote:So how do we Rp. I've seen people simply leaving posts in the comments, is that alright?

Role-playing is essentially collaborative storytelling. Everyone writes the story together. Each person plays a certain character or faction (in this case, an entire nation) in furthering the story along.

"The Aesir will never back down from a fight." Jarl Brunnhilde stood as tall as she could in the somewhat cramped space and pounded a balled fist to her chest in salute. "Valhalla awaits!" THUD. The booming sound from the impact of the dreadnought very quickly grabbed the Jarl's attention. She immediately opened a vox channel with her flagship. "Captain, report!"

"The Odinblessed detected a foreign mental presence and shielded our crews against it, but a Novan dreadnought was not so lucky. The ship lost its antigrav and fell from the sky. It impacted some distance to the North."

"That foreign mental presence was a Scrin, our new enemy," she informed him. "Keep yourselves alert for anything else threatening our safety."

"Aye, my Jarl." And with that, the vox channel was closed.

"It would seem that your lockdown cannot guarantee our safety," Brunnhilde stated to Zoey. "We may end up with a fight on our hands in this system."

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