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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Allied States of The Palkian EmpireNew York Times Democracy“Many people, united into one!”
2.The Bundesreich of Germanic-AsiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit”
3.The Democratic Republic of Plauctia IslandsCorrupt Dictatorship“Devoted to freedom”
4.The Soviet Federative Republic of MilitcomCorrupt Dictatorship“Blood and bullets are what make this nation”
5.The Stratocratic state of The empire of northFather Knows Best State“Optimi Optimorum”
6.The Kingdom of Abrahams RepublicIron Fist Consumerists“Gloria Patri, Summo Christo decus, victoria”
7.The Empire of RototornikPsychotic Dictatorship“Slava rodu!”
8.The Colony of MiscarcandCompulsory Consumerist State“Liberty or death!”
9.The Grand Empire of YangYu HiFather Knows Best State“Familien for Alltid”
10.The Technocracy of Michio KakuDemocratic Socialists“Sciencia sit Potentia”

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The Red Balcony
Amos House,

Praskovya Alexanderov, Queen of Hayees for now nearly a decade stood on the top balcony of the modest royal Amo's House. Her husband, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Walton-Alexanderov stood beside her. Their young son, was off to the corner, being entertained by one of the house maids by playing a game of chess. To the right of the Queen, stood a rather large party of Hayeesian military and government officials. The heads of each branch of the royal armed forces, the prime minister, and a few other key advisers occupied the balcony.

In all dispatches that called these group of men and women here spoke about the event as if it was a normal 'working dinner' for the Hayeesian cabinet as Praskoyva was so fond of. However, upon their arrival the group soon realized that by the fierce deployment of the royal guard, and the heavy, almost draconian security the men whose only loyalty was solely based in defending Praskovya and those around her. Minutes after their arrival, a Hayeesian foreign service commander handed each member a sealed crimson folder, and Praskovya addressed the crowd, instructing them to open the packets containing information on the current situation regarding the conflict on Riemann Island and eastern Otoris.

''Ladies and gentlemen. You have all been my faithful and trustworthy advisers since before the days that we retook Hayees from the oppressive hands of the Office Of State Security, and I trust you as totally as you have entrusted me in being your Queen. Now I must ask you to trust me once again this night. The Regional government, as you all know has declared our ally, Rototornik as a rogue nation. We all know, 'Tornikan military units have advanced on the regional HQ. But we all know, what we have known for almost over a year now: Our real enemy isn't there. Our real enemy is still in hiding, and they are trying to manipulate us into destroying each other to pave their own way towards global domination.''

As she spoke, a few advisers had shifted uneasily. They didn't belief in the total domination of this 'unknown threat' that Praskovva had lamented against for months. Even the murder of late Prime Minister preformed by royal guardsmen at her command, a fact only known by very few around her. Looking to the sky, she could see the tiny pinpricks of explosions in the night sky. Indicating the space-borne destruction that had also affected HAYEESIAN orbital structures, and likely other global units due to the use of NUCLEAR weapons by a party she wasn't clear of.

"As we stand here, war wages across Otoris. Our allies are in danger and currently moving to save the regional government that is itself, in danger. As of right now, Hayees is now at war. The time has come to bring these monsters out of the closet gentlemen. ''

20 minutes after her declaration, from the Vaughn-Jackson, and Zanc-Blanc Airbase's in eastern Hayees, 60 C-110 Andromeda transports lifted of the tarmac carrying the core of the 44th Airborne Division , followed shortly by two squadron's of F-34Bs. The units were on a least-time course for Riemann island, and were suspected to reach the Island in under 5 hours.

B-72D Beast's, which haven't seen action since the intervention against the communist regime in Asloria, launched from Kassal RAFB, speeding towards the regional island. Totally unseen, and nearly undetectable due.....To most.

U-Boat Flotilla 4, 0100 hours
50km from initial engagement point between ‘Tornikian and EoN vessels

U-468, Astute Class Nuclear-Electric Submarine
Soon after the Astutes changed into their fully electric drive, they were approaching the position of the battle. With all 20 Astutes in Flotilla 4 being ready to engage the OPFOR.

“Sir, we are approaching the rear end of the OPFOR, we are within range of their capital ships. Do we have permission to engage?”

“Permission granted, fire on vector 025 about our current course. Maintain the wire.”

“Affirmative, firing torpedo tubes 1 to 6 and the order to fire will be sent to the other boats”

“Aye, descend and maintain a depth of 400ft and activate the silent sonar”


As the rest of the flotilla dropped their torpedoes, one by one the U-boats descended into the given depth by the flotilla commander.

As the, 'Tornikian designed, Mk60 torpedoes raced towards their targets at 250km/h, you could hear the audible explosion just 12 minutes after they were dropped as the torpedoes hit their targets - the ships of EoN.

KAF Hohenstedt, 0500 hours
On the Western end of the mainland, in the province of Ny Akershus

“Sir, we have received radar information that points to a large surface fleet being sent our way by EoN.”

“Affirmative, we should send some scouts to shadow that fleet in order to gather more information about its intent. Ready the attack squadrons the event of an imminent attack and inform the Admiralty”

“Affirmative, the scouts should reach their last known position in about 15 minutes.”

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The empire of north wrote:

As the battle in the void above unfolded, Imperial crews realized another folly of theirs. While their buildup was significant, at the rate that almost matched that of their opponents, they were still lagging far behind in several fields. Though the 'Tornikian attack lacked the surprise effect like in the previous war, their capability for space warfare was still orders of magnitude above.

In atmosphere, poor weather and air itself had the potential to greatly reduce effectiveness of laser weapons. In space however, they reigned supreme, being able to carve targets apart with pinpoint accuracy across astronomical distances; as such, they were present on every 'Tornikian military space installation, gradually replacing missiles due to the overwhelming increase in effectiveness, as well as to avoid further unnecessary development of the Kessler's syndrome.
Ever since the destruction of manned civilian stations engineered by a certain rogue officer, 'Tornikian private security contractors began a proverbial space race to provide services for the many corporations that operated in orbit; telecoms, research firms, orbital tourism agencies, all needed to make sure another war wouldn't endanger their shareholders' profits. And with that, 'Tornikian space presence inflated even further.

Though imperial missiles were many, guided by software which performed slightly above the 'Tornikian expectations, most would never reach their targets due to the extremely dense defense net, and the fact that their opponents possessed a hard counter against the most prevalent imperial weapon.
Atomic ordnance, itself thinned heavily by the uncountable missile defense systems, combined with surprisingly advanced electronic warfare devices brought some relief to the remaining Imperial space forces by knocking out or temporarily disabling a number of 'Tornikian satellites, allowing some of the ASATs to go through and inflict damage to a number of targets. A dozen autonomous satellites were shattered, two dozens disabled by the nuclear explosions that sent waves of artificial borealis lights across Otorisian skies; a manned station was forced to evacuate and de-orbit, and hundreds of 'Tornikian and foreign civilian orbiters which often lacked EMP protection were fried and disabled.
Aircraft that flew high enough to fire their satellite-hunting ordnance were within range themselves, and some would meet a fiery end as they drew too much attention of the 'Tornikian automated systems as they released their ordnance.

With assorted targets across the Empire taken out, and the largest ships engaging the allied forces sunk, the second round of orbital strikes commenced; this time focusing solely on known and detectable Imperial missile bases. After the unexpected use of nuclear ordnance, there was no knowing whether or when would they be used again.

To the north, Imperial fleets would detect a considerable amount of 'Tornikian surface vessels, contesting control of the Arctic ocean and securing (for now) the corridor between Germanic-Asia and Rototornik.

But while an armada from the Eastern district - including the legendary flagship - set sail eastwards to take the fight to the Empire, groups of transports across the southern districts took off, heading for the closest unclaimed islands; one belonging to the dissolved nation of Platerdam, the other directly to the east of the 'Tornikian subcontinent, which they would claim for the Empire for reasons yet unstated.

Though a large amount of allied ships was already gathered to face the Imperial armada, a fleet sailed out of its base in Ost Nipponinsel, Germanic-Asia, joining up with various patrols as it went, intent to stop a potential invasion of the German mainland.
Aircraft that had taken off prior cruised along the edges of German airspace, scanning the seas and skies as they went.
So far, it seemed as two more sea/air battles would be joined.

To the south, Accitanian airforce together with their 'Tornikian counterparts had taken off in force; some to intercept the incoming aircraft coming in from the north, some to join the ongoing naval battle.

Speaking of...

The first railgun and missile volleys tore into tens of smaller vessels deployed closer to the Imperial ships; though quite a few missiles failed to reach their targets due to decent point defense, many ships were simply overwhelmed or had no capability to defend themselves against such a massed attack.

The capital ships that hid in the rear consisted mostly of German battleships and carriers, as well as accitanian heavy cruisers and the rare 'Tornikian carrier-destroyer task force. Protecting them were the destroyer contingents of strike force Delta, together with several flees of 'Tornikian destroyers and support vessels which handled the missiles threatening the larger ships. With Imperial capital ships taken out by the swift orbital barrage, their railgun fire solely seemed to come from cruisers and destroyers; now the earlier 'Tornikian hypothesis would be put to the test- would fuel powered ships be able to keep up with their nuclear powered counterparts in maneuvering speed and railgun firing rate?

Below the water, the main torpedo barrage from the modern 'Tornikian submarines was still half an hour away, their extreme engagement range being their chief advantage. The occasional Accitanian/Tornikian Guard submarine squadron that managed to close in to conventional torpedo range would likewise open fire; but with a considerable amount of sufficiently advanced destroyers and ASW equipment, Betas, Astutes, and the older Accitanian subs were more of a thorn in the side, and less of a deadly threat. A really sharp thorn, but the one that could be pulled out nevertheless.

As AAA missiles crisscrossed from one fleet to the other, the air battle began as well; German carriers deploying their globally marketed G6s, and and a mixed formation of combined 'Tornikian-Accitanian was coming in fast from the east, taking the advantage of the multi-purpose UAS missile systems and opening fire from a moderate distance of 150km, give or take.

Having received the declaration of war, the Senior-General had dispatched quick messages via official channels to the leaders of Abrahams Republic and Germanic-Asia, stating that the alliance's mutual defense protocols are now in effect, requesting a formal response against this aggression.

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Post self-deleted by The empire of north.

The Imperial crews in space knew that they had no ability to gain 'true' victory in the orbit of the planet, nor had that been their ultimate objective. The 'Tornikans, from all observations preferred space bombardment followed by ground assault. It had been shown from the Hayeesian Civil War, to interventions across Otoris. The Empire was concentrated on denying them the opportunity to use such tactics so fully against them as they had so many others, even if it did cost their lives and tactical abilities, they would hopefully cut off the 'Tornikans ability to do the same, at least, for now.

''Bravo six-two, weapons free!'' Annouced one fighter pilot as he sent his Howler's missiles streaming towards orbit. Locked onto 'Tornikan weapons satellites. Each aircraft carried a full payload of ASAT weapons, most of them, conventional impact weapons. However, a few carried the prototype mk-3E missile. A large weapon which took the slot of two standard MK-3 missiles, with a payload not only of the standard MK-3, but also carried a large microwave transmitter, able to fire an arc of electromagnetic energy to disable targets from afar.

As the third wave of 'Tornikan ordinance began their bombardments, they would soon notice a concern regarding the Imperial missile bases they were targeting, as the base's were A) Heavily fortified, and B) Quite numerous, and C) Upon detection that they were indeed about to be bombarded, began to open their silo doors.....

Command District North of the Imperial Navy would detect the first 'Tornikan ships to begin entering the northern arctic ocean, and deployed their own fleets to contest the sea-ways to the northwest of the Empire, and to take them away from ports which currently were branded as 'unsafe' due to 'Tornikan bombardments. The Combined fleet, took up defensive patrol formations between the bay of Otorisian strategic zone 12, and the arctic ice. Minelaying craft and interdiction vessels began to lay out vast minefields and submarine netting below the sea.

''Command has transferred to you, Rear Admiral.'' The VI Assistant chimed into Rear Admiral Mikov's ear as he stood on the bridge of his Imperial-Class Carrier. He had watched the formidable dreadnoughts of the Imperial navy split apart as orbital ordinance slammed into their fortified hulls, killing thousands instantly. The Imperial fleet to the west had assumed a large beating from above, and it's entire senior command staff, barring squadron commanders had been torn apart within just mere minutes as obviously pre-disposition firing solutions from above ripped the allied force apart. He couldn't even see the regional 'navy's' screen anymore above the fire and in the ocean of black oil and blood.

His tactical data looked about as bad as it could get and retreat was not an option for the Imperial Navy.

"Order the fleet to close, maximum fire. Redline everything. I want to smash these 'Tornikans away.''

Imperial missiles and railguns continued to cycle at the fastest they could. One Xavier, whose powerplant soon became overwhelmed by damage and power demand, fell out of formation and began to drift. It's engineers rushing to restore power to the vessel while the rest of the fleet advanced at full speed towards their foes.

Reinforcements were inbound, but would not save this fleet.

The great fleet advancing eastward screened a large transport fleet of Imperial warriors, with the entry of Germanic-Asia into this illegal conflict the Imperial high command needed to secure a foothold in the German state, as they would be the closest thing the NOTA menace could use as a jumping point for an invasion (or bombardment) of the Empire, and the massive armada was speeding towards the German western peninsula which lay only a mere 1300km from the Empire's own shores, a short day's sail.

One final ultimatum was sent to Germanic-Asia, from the Imperial High Command, ''Cease all hostile action and turn against the illegal aggressors of this war and you will be forgiven. You have 6 hours.''

Above the armada, a mass force of fighters flew in a constant CAP, while many other aircraft, ECW and recon were deployed to watch out for hostile warships, aircraft, and orbital assets. On the mainland, thousands of aircraft were preparing to launch to the east to support a possible invasion, with hundreds of airbase's fueling, and PCSing their aircraft.

The scouts reported back to command that the 'great fleet' of the Imperial Navy was in an offensive formation. This was supported by the ultimatum sent to the Chancellery by the Imperial Government.

The Admiralty would deploy a force of the Astute Class Nuclear-Electric Submarine, in order to counter the large armada heading towards the fatherland.

"Sir, the Chancellery and the Scout 5th Squadron are reporting that the fleet in question
will be used to invade us."

"Affirmative, deploy the U-Boat 5th, 6th, and 7th Flotilla and give them the commands to sink on sight. Stall them until Carrier Strike Groups Alpha, Beta, and Charlie get into position."

"Affirmative, sending out the command."

In the air, the German Air Force would deploy squadrons of domestic market G6s, while other aircraft such as recon and counter ECW would be deployed. On land, the Army would deploy the joint 'Tornikian and German designed Gepard SPAA, with 'Tornikian designed heat-seeking 60km ground-to-air missiles.

On land, the German Army would deploy the Unze SPAS, with 'Tornikian designed heat-seeking 60km ground-to-ship missiles.

As the 4th U-boat flotilla stalked their prey, they continued to fire their torpedoes with the vast majority hitting their targets. The Astute's were completely silent, bar the noise emitted by the release of the torpedoes. As the torpedoes sped towards their targets, you could hear an audible explosion a couple minutes after initial launch.

Several Imperial Vessels were sank by the Thermobaric explosions caused by the torpedoes, with a torpedo hitting a carrier of the Imperial Navy.

''Well, looks like the situation is well contained.'' Jacob Walton-Alexanderov would state sarcastically as his eyes looked over the strategic view of the world, with another half of the table separated horizontally into a map of Riemann Island, and a map of the Greater Otorisian Ocean area. The latter two maps contained dozens of blue and red symbols detailing hostile and friendly units across those sectors. Alongside highlighted objectives, terrain. The whole expensive nine yards.

"Funny, love.'' Praskovya would say, her tone and demeanor showing that she found that comment not funny, and not even humerus.

''-anyways your Majesty. As Colonel Walton stated. The situation is far from contained, we have allied soldiers committed across pretty much the entire eastern hemisphere of Otoris, and that's not counting what EON and Rototornik's nuclear war in space is currently doing to anything from civilian radio, to military hardware for all the region.'' A Royal Air Force General would say with a sigh before carrying on, ''Either way. We've got a choice to make your Majesty. Currently satellite images of the passover of EON shows them opening silo doors of not one, not two, but all of their missile bases. Likely a 'use them or lose them' approach to the 'Tornikan bombardment. We've already committed a token force to taking Riemann. But our commitments to defending Germanic-Asia are now being pulled into play as the Empire has dispatched its armada eastward. ''

"We don't have an opportunity to intercept their fleet before they reach Germanic-Asia. Even with the fleet we currently have in port in the eastern country. However, if we can dispatch the fleet to coordinate with a 'Tornikan southern thrust along with the rest of the German navy we can expel the Empire from the sea for good.'' Spoke an unnamed Admiral.

"Which would mean a war with the Empire.'' Praskovya would confirm looking around the room in thought, and she would get a couple nods from everyone that surrounded the table. Months ago, she was well prepared with all these same men and women to wage a global conflict against the foes, who they still hadn't actually confirmed existed behind a few documents and reports which could easily be counter-intel, but now, as the conflict began... Something just felt...Off. Too easy to the young Queen. A globe united against EON was surely more of a threat? Had their enemies dropped the ball this hard, they united us instead of divided us? Worse, it was truly only the first day of fighting and tens of thousands were already dead according to field reports and estimates.

And more were going to die before it was over, and she didn't know who would be left standing.

"We have no choice gentlemen. The Empire must be stopped from any aggressive actions and we must protect our allies. Although, we cannot forget the true objective; stop our true enemy. Activate Operation: Star-III and Bancroft I only. Coordinate with our allies.''

''Activation codes are authenticated, sir.'' Technical Sergeant James Williams of the Hayeesian Royal Air Force reoardported, from his computer aboard one of the Hayeesian manned command stations. The crews had been watching the display of fire and war between Rototornik and the Northern Empire for hours now, and continually recieved orders ''not to engage'' even as their own men were being indigantly wiped away in nuclear fire. Now it seemed, Kassal had finally gotten their heads out of their own nether regions and gotten to realizing there was a war on.

"Beautiful Sergeant.'' The man said walking up to the sergeant. Looks like Star-III has been locked in. Free fire zone.'' The Air Force Colonel who Williams had reported to said through a large grin, ''Perfect.'' He would say almost to himself returning to a tactical plot near his chair and began painting targets. After a few minutes, the hundreds of Hayeesian military satellites began to light up. Defensive lasers lashed out to complement the 'Tornikan missile defense, offensive lasers and missiles cut through space to target hostile military and civilian satellites, while ground attack weapons fired down onto the planet, joining their allies in firing on Imperial missile and air bases.

Operation: Star detailed out a space response against the Northern Empire's space and missile capabilities. Star-I was very limited and only targeted offensive units. II went a bit further, III was indiscriminate. If enemy space and missile capabilities weren't reduced to pre Great War levels, then the mission wouldn't have been completed.

''Admiral-Admiral, priority traffic from Kassal!'' A yeoman shouted rushing into Admiral Charles Winter's cabin, handing him a faxed message from East Fleet Command.

"What we've been waiting for. Thanks Petty Officer, carry on.'' The Admiral would respond with a salute before marching off to the bridge of his vessel.

Thirty minutes later, 10 Carrier Battle Groups of the Hayeesian Germanic Heavy Task Force was on the move. 20 carriers, 1 Superbattleship, 20 pocket battleships, 20 battlecruisers, and nearly 120 destroyers were on the move westwards towards a marker 200 miles from any suspected Imperial warships. While a wolfpack of submarines 30 strong dove under the chilly waters of the sea and sailed to join their German counterparts in attacking the Imperial armada directly, accompanied by half the air wings held by the task force, and land based planes from the Hayeesian sector of the joint military base in eastern Germania.

Alongside the naval force, surplus troops stationed at the base began packing their equipment into transports and APCs, and onto railways to be transported west to help shore up a land based defensive line.

Hayees had joined the war.

The empire of north wrote:

OOC: Many apologies for the delays yall, you know how exams are. And now, let Otorisbowl roll!

Expectedly, the orbital bombardment doubled down on the missile silos. Though no nuclear response would come from Rototornik itself, fire from orbit was everything short of atomic, capable of cracking into the bases closer to the surface- and certainly capable of inflicting a heavy toll upon the armada headed towards Germanic-Asia.

With energy weapons giving them unprecedented tactical advantage, 'Tornikian war satellites systematically plucked the enemy orbiters by dozens every few seconds. Preliminary projections were predicting less than a day until orbit was clean of hostiles... unless new parameters were introduced.
Although Imperial strategists were right in a way, bombardment followed by ground assault wasn't a tactic they would have to face today. Instead, 'Tornikians settled for denying space-based communications and recon to the enemy.

As for the seemingly imminent ballistic missile strike, defense stations in the arctic, Germannia, and Accitania were at high alert, with some firing preemptively
in order to intercept any ICBM's before they even leave the atmosphere.

Imperial push towards the northern sea corridor marked the beginning of a battle for the Arctic.
'Tornikian military presence in the polar region (which some would justifiably call occupation) included numerous missile emplacements scattered along the permanently frozen areas and heavy naval elements along the eastern sea route. As the ships picked each other up on radar, 'Tornikian patrols began to form up with other flotillas, moving only against naval formations that ventured further north, sometimes firing and using the superior missile range to their advantage.

Without complete control of the arctic, nets and mines posed little threat to ships that didn't attempt to approach Imperial waters. Beneath the waves, even larger amounts of 'Tornikian vessels lurked. Manned and unmanned warships alike moved in to complement the surface groups, or to engage the inbound vessels.

An invasion fleet leaving port demanded momentary 'Tornikian reaction, and the troops deployed in Germanic-Asia responded adequately, redeploying westwards to assist the allied troops in defense. Civilian and military transports were requisitioned as the troops rushed to further fortify the western coastline.
However, significant numbers remained on the smaller German island, in order to deter a potential threat from the south.

Several wings of space-capable aircraft took off, mimicking a similar deployment from the 'Tornikian home continent; their weapons loadouts enabling them to engage weaponized threats in space and inbound ballistic missiles alike.

A pair of formally dressed bodyguards stood at attention in front of the elevator, the sole entrance to the hotel's exclusive suite. A silent hum announces that the lift had finished its ascent, and the door slides open after a loud *ding*. Two other guards in identical attire stepped out, one motioning for the guests to proceed, and the other opening the door for the last group of arrivals. As the six people left the spacious and richly decorated elevator, one of the guards tapped his concealed mobile device, disabling the lift.

The guests proceeded inside, slow and pompous swagger revealing their social standing. Pairs of absurdly expensive shoes clacked across the checkered marble floor. Ivan the Black led the way, a thick foreign cigar in one hand, and a diamond-encrusted platinum pocket watch in the other.
"We aren't late, are we... Senior-General?"

He spoke with the soft, east-'Tornikian accent, typical for the capital dwellers. The suite has been thoroughly checked by the Army agents, and mostly emptied, except for the armchairs and dinner tables, all furnishings fit for royalty. They joined the meeting called by the nation's de-facto leader; a host of 'Tornikian magnates, captains of trade and industry, both legal and less so.

Right behind the tanned smuggler king waddled the infamous oil baron and former finance minister, Antek Sokolow, his size and weight miraculously failing to impede his mobility, though he still required a small sofa just for himself; a fact that their host luckily didn't overlook. Behind them walked people just as powerful and influential in their own fields: Miklazs 'Snake' Polowski, a name well known in Miscarcand's underground circles, Vesna Martinich, an artist-turned-art dealer-turned-investment banker, Blazh Kruschev, founder and owner of the eponymous arms production concern, and Andrei Mordvinov, his greatest competitor, inventor and entrepreneur, whose family name alone commanded much respect among the 'Tornikian populace.

The Senior-General greeted the 'guests', instructing them to take their seats. He didn't hesitate to begin the meeting.

"Ladies and gentlemen. We are, as you must have already noticed, at war. You have heard the proclamations; mine and that of the Hayeesian queen. I would like to dispel any shred of doubt over their credibility- our enemy exists, in that exact shape and form that we've described. I've gathered you here tonight for a symbolic as well as practical purpose. We here represent the combined strength that makes Rototornik what it is. I will not have this country dethroned from its rightful place in the world, and you will help me in that effort."

A prominent banker, representative of the Zelko-Banking cartel and several others, added.
"The state already has full support of Miscarcand's finance district. The board members approve of your new budget, and will plug any existing gaps accordingly."
His tone added a 'what else do you want from us?', but the words never left his lips.

The oil baron puffed a cloud of smoke.
"Marek. We have already discussed strategy. I'll suck the arctic dry by the end of the year, and you've already seized control of the corporate fleets. You could try dropping me from orbit, but you don't seem to be running short on ammo yet, he-he-heh-cough"

"Strange times, General. I don't often find myself in the company of such respectable businessmen."
The smuggler joked. Although he was by definition a criminal, he represented a cartel shipping and producing far more than any of the individuals present; in fact, he was likely worth more than many Otorisian nations.

"Why Ivan, respect is paid where respect is due!"
The General returned the jest, though he didn't lie. The 'Tornikian under-economy was not only titanic in size, but was also a strategic element he intended to harness.
"As I was saying, we will be facing trouble on the home front too. A certain someone is paying a hefty sum for illicit shipping, and they are bringing vast amounts of material into the country."

"You will have to be more precise, General. The entire country is stocking up, and not everyone can afford your astronomical tariffs; we on the other hand, are more than happy to help for a rather small fee..."
Any smaller crime lord would be defensive; however when your activities make up the bulk of national GDP, it makes the authorities think twice before laying down charges.

"Southern district. Weapons, by thousands, Ivan. Tens of thousands, if not more. It has escalated to the point we may have a war on our soil again."

The implications hit the crime boss like a train. He knew nobody in his right mind would persecute him and his kind for evading taxes and import tariffs... but treason was something else. Plus, war on the home soil had the potential to seriously cut their profits.

"...we will halt imports from those sources immediately. Just give me names-"

"And interrupt them while they're making a mistake? Of course not. Here's what the state requires you to do..."

The conversation went on into the night, everyone pooling ideas and receiving instructions that will decide the country's fate in the following years.

It was foreseen that the space battle which had been raging for most of the day, was clearly not on the side of the Empire, and the orbital superiority of the traitors to the Otorisian region was too obvious to ignore. The damage being caused to Imperial Air Bases, and the fleet would lead to the total destruction of offensive capabilities too swiftly for the liking of any Imperial General. Soon the silos had fully opened, and commanders had agreed that they must ''use them, or lose them.'' With orders *not* to use the weapons stored here against mainland targets, and to minimize launch capabilities. Soon, only a mere amount of the missiles left their tubes, primarily from currently missile bases, and streaked towards the space. To the observer, their speed and efficiency placed them in a strong comparison with a Hayeesian Titan V ICBM. An oddity to every planner who would witness the few hundred missiles heading towards orbit, as the standard Zuker ICBM of the IAF was a leap year behind the current technology they were showing, according to any and all intelligence reports as of June of that year. Each missile was targeted towards both Hayeesian and 'Tornikan space assets, and each was armed with a standard ASW Nuclear warhead. Their mission was set to deny space to all parties it seemed. An insane escalation of force no one would have expected conventionally from the Empire.

[Spoiler] Imperial fleets sent north had orders to interdict and stop any 'Tornikan naval units trying to push into their waters. A defensive operation, but aggressively operated. Units avoided battles against larger 'tornikan formations and tried to attack smaller formations. Anti-Submarine helicopters and destroyers prowled the seas, targeting undersea assets at will, and hundreds of aircraft roamed the sky trying to secure areal dominance. It was a large scale battle, fought over thousands of kilometers of half-frozen ocean. This would be a long fought battle.

Hordes of aircraft rose up from the armada that had formed to cross the small gap between the Empire and Germanic-Asia, fanning out over hundreds of warships, carriers, and troop transports sailing to land the Imperial Army on the first foreign soil in over a hundred years. Thousands of Imperial Air Force aircraft flew overhead, with bombers crossing over mainland Germanic-Asia long before the troop transports would, dumping millions of tonnes of ordinance on defensive structures, hostile air and army bases, major inland highways, and power structures, railways, and airports that weren't slotted for use by the invading force after landing. The troop transports were designated to land on a stretch of beach nearly 350km wide across the peninsula which shot into the Great Otorsiain Sea. at 0500 the following morning. As night fell across eastern Otoris, hundreds of aircraft followed the bombers to secure the skies above Germanic-Asia. Sixth generation fighters slashed through the skies, engaging at will alongside hordes of outdated 5th and 4.5 generation screens. Behind them, hundreds of paratrooper transports followed, escorted by squadrons of fighters as they flew inland, unleashing their troops onto roadways, important crossroads, airports all across the landing zones.

The goal of this invasion was to land enough forces and secure a beach head, while the Imperial Navy engaged the German and Hayeesian fleets in the sea..Along with the annoying 'Tornikan sea task forces.

Breaking News:
After a temporary destabilisation and constitutional crisis in Michio Kaku, the ruling party has regained power. The constitutional crisis had started when the opposition demanded the dissolution of the government due to issues of unconstitutionality and the preservation of democracy. However, the Supreme Court rendered the complaints as null and void and allowed the government to return. It is important to notify the region that representation from Michio Kaku remains the same.

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