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Founder: The Semi-Presidential Republic of Emerald-Springs

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NationStates' premier commuter and long-distance transit hub, with daily service to over 800 regions and growing!

Need some reading material during your ride? Pick up an issue of The Chiaroscuro Gazette at any of our stations!

Maintenance Note: A multiple trespasser incident has disrupted service to multiple routes in our network. Please bear with us as we work to rebuild NationStates' largest and most efficient rapid transit system. Routine service will resume shortly! Thank you for riding the NS Bus.

Part of the Greater Ixnay network.

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    The Chiaroscuro Gazette - Vol. 2

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    The NewsStand

    BulletinNews by All Wild Things . 7,521 reads.

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Bus Stop contains 25 nations, the 557th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Corrupt Governments in Bus Stop

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Bus Stop is ranked 11,342nd in the world for Most Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Oriental Christian Dominion of Prestyr JohnCorrupt Dictatorship“Vox Clamante in Deserto”
2.The National Democratic Republic of LuresiaBenevolent Dictatorship“Our Victory is at Hand”
3.The Semi-Presidential Republic of Emerald-SpringsMoralistic Democracy“You Stand Where You Sit”
4.The Transit Authority of Busmaster-GeneralLibertarian Police State“Getting People Where They're Going”
5.The Republic of BiangbiangmianCapitalizt“油潑扯麵”
6.The Grand Duchy of The Pigsty RepresentativeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“When pigs fly...”
7.The Frost White Tundra of Ice ManLeft-Leaning College State“Something White! Something Cold! Something Sleepy!”
8.The Empire of BusesDemocratic Socialists“Moving Forward”
9.The Pan-Germanic Weimar Republic of Nova TeutonicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Alldeutsche!”
10.The Colony of RheovisaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aslovaniūs cūos Lomit”

Regional Happenings


Bus Stop Regional Message Board

Hello everybody, hope everyone had a good week. Anyways, on to the debate!

"Do you believe that the Hong Kong extradition bill a good or bad thing?"



The Guardian:

If we ran for President of the United States, we think we would win, but who do you think will win in 2020?

And as part of our campaign promise of affordable Covfefe accessible to all, try a free sample our exclusive Worker's Covfefe in honor of May Day!

Let's cut to the chase for this week:

"Should teachers be allowed to arm themselves on campus?"


KLFY News:

We're playing 🍒🍓🍋🍍SLOTS🍈🍐🍇🍑!

Our slot machine has 3 wheels, each with red (🍉🍒🍓), yellow (🍋🍌🍍), green(🍈🍏🍐) & purple (🍇🍑🍆) symbols. Stake is 10 chips. 3 fruits the same colour wins 30 chips. All 3 fruits different colours wins 10 chips. The 1st wheel stops on 🍆. There's a 50% chance that pulling the lever stops the 2nd wheel exactly where you want it. The 3rd wheel will stop automatically. Where do you try to stop the 2nd wheel?

Hello everyone. With the days getting warmer we're once again preparing for the summer games. As always these games are open to all of you in our embassy regions, so we hope to see some of you there. Information about the games and signing up can be found here:

Oatland Regional Games
2019 Summer Games

The Oatland Regional Games is an international sporting event held in Oatland since 2016. Its purpose is to promote sporting excellence and international brotherhood. Citizens of all nations in Oatland and it's affiliated regions are welcome to compete in the games and each event is open to all athletes.

The Games
The Oatland regional games are biannual, with games held in both summer and winter. Each game consists of numerous events in which athletes compete for the gold, silver and bronze metal. This years summer game has nine events: Diving, Rifle Shooting, the Decathlon, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Equestrian Sports, Swimming, Archery, and a new event; Fencing

Example roster:

Gymnastics - Angèle Dior, Lionel Genet
Swimming - Marc Gérald, Céline Berlioz
Weightlifting - Philippe Jauffret, Gérald Pretre
Rifle Shooting - Christine Girard, Olivia Gaudreau, Jean-Yves Bachelot
Decathlon - Olivier Ballouhey, René Pascal, Marinette Derocles, Nathan Carré
Equestrian Sports - Sara Lafaille
Archery - Charlaine Paquet, Raymond Denis
Fencing - Jacques Lefèvre, Françoise du Gast

How to participate
In order to compete nations should telegram a list of competing athletes to Aclion, the event organizer.
This roster should contain the full name of each competing athlete as well as the event they will competing in. Nations are currently limited to Eighteen athletes total and are allowed to allocate up to five to each event. If an athlete is competing in more then one event then each entry is counted separately towards the nations total athlete pool.

The exact system used for scoring is secret. However there are a number of things nations can do to to gain advantage, including:

    Cultivating a high health stat in there nation to boost athlete performance,
    Shrewdly allocating athletes among the events,
    Publishing team logos, uniform designs and anthems to earn a teamwide bonus
    Publishing short biographies of competitors to earn a bonus for that competitor,
    Selecting a national specialty sport to gain advantage in that event,
    Sending previous medal earners to the same event to receive a champion bonus,

Please be sure to submit all material for points by the sign-up deadline if you wish it to count towards your score.

Schedule of events
June 8th - Signup deadline
June 10th - Opening Ceremonies
June 12th - Diving
June 14th - Rifle Shooting
June 16th - Decathlon
June 18th - Gymnastics
June 20th - Weightlifting
June 22nd - Equestrian Sports
June 24th - Swimming
June 26th - Archery
June 28th - Fencing
June 30th - Closing Ceremonies

Aclion - Anthem, LinkUniform
Hippie Wonderland
Tjorl - Anthem - Biographies
Yeet my dab
Yeunen - LinkUniform and Logo - Biographies

The Bar on the corner of every region
Anacin - Anthem - Biographies

Finmany - LinkAnthem - LinkUniform

Realm of the Whispering Winds
Maria Malvina - Anthem

South Allynentic

The Bunny Fire



  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]

Rifle Shooting:

  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]


  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]


  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]


  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]

Equestrian Sports:

  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]


  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]


  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]


  • Gold: [pending]

  • Silver: [pending]

  • Bronze: [pending]

Read dispatch

New poll.

Have you read Dune?


Fun Fact: At the Nambian Covfefe Company, it is illegal to speak negatively about our products. It helps us promote a positive work environment for our diverse group of sla- . . . employees!

So . . . sip on some excellent Iced Covfefe™ while you ponder freedom of speech.

The Nambian Covfefe Company takes no responsibility for any opinions expressed in this poll. Answer at your own risk.

All citizens of your glorious region are now able to post in our RMB.

The AP testing weeks are upon us, and I wish good luck to all taking the tests. Anyhow, on to the topic:

"How could Appalachia and other rural areas be able to transition away from single-resource economies?"

To clarify, just put out your ideas to help change rural areas to be more economically stable and viable in the long-term.

The New York Times:

hello random region

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