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Thalassia RMB

WA Delegate: The Republic of Rockiberg (elected )

Founder: The Republic of Thalassia Founder

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to ⚓Thalassia!⚓ We're a seafaring bastion of liberty, democracy, and solidarity!

Helpful Links: Welcome | Newswire | Constitution | RMB Rules | RP Rules | RP Guide | Graphics

Check out the Regional Message Board, say hello, and introduce yourself!

Please join the World Assembly and endorse our President: Rockiberg.

All WA nations are asked to endorse the President and not to exceed 25 endorsements.

Embassies: Anteria, Carolingia, Christmas, The Communist Bloc, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, The Democratic Republic, Democratic Socialist Assembly, Hartfelden, The Hole To Hide In, India, The Internationale, Lazarus, The Leftist Assembly, Mariner Trench, The MT Army, Osiris, and 7 others.Portugal, Social Liberal Union, Sonindia, St Abbaddon, Union of Allied States, Wintreath, and Thalassia Election Debates.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Egalitarian, Enormous, Game Player, General Assembly, Issues Player, LGBT, Modern Tech, Neutral, Regional Government, Role Player, and 2 others.Security Council, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Thalassia contains 186 nations, the 68th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Thalassia

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Thalassia is ranked 15,197th in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of Dino Thalassian MissionAnarchy“Founded by Dinoium 9.18.19”
2.The Commonwealth of Thalassia Roleplay RewardsAnarchy“A seafaring bastion of liberty and democracy”
3.The Free Land of Carks CartelAnarchy“Die in a hole”
4.The Principality of The 69th Medellin CartelAnarchy“Die in a hole”
5.The Confederal Republic of LiberterraneaAnarchy“Freedom Before All Else”
6.The Free Land of AnacocapitalismoAnarchy“Propriedade e Dinheiro”
7.The Federal Republic of MormillRight-wing Utopia“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
8.The Imperial Crown of Czech GermaniaCorporate Bordello“Today, the skies. Tomorrow, the stars!”
9.The Former Speaker and Justice of Dino Pacifica MissionCorporate Bordello“Puppet of Dinoium 2.16.19”
10.The Holy Empire of EisreRight-wing Utopia“Uniting the FatherLand”
1234. . .1819»

Regional Poll • October 2019 Prime Ministerial Election

The Republic of Rockiberg wrote:Vote for the first Prime Minister of Thalassia.

Voting opened 1 day 7 hours ago and will close . Open to WA member residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “October 2019 Presidential Election”

Regional Happenings


Thalassia Regional Message Board

Joined a day or two ago, thought I'd say hello.

Greater Gaul and Germania wrote:Joined a day or two ago, thought I'd say hello.

Welcome to Thalassia! I hope youíll like it here!

Here is our welcome dispatch:

Note: Some of the information in this dispatch is out of date and is awaiting updating!

Welcome to Thalassia!

Hello and welcome to the region of Thalassia, a seafaring bastion of freedom and democracy!! We're so glad you've decided to join our community. This guide is for all new Thalassians, whether you are new to the game in general or just new to our region. Still have questions? Ask on the RMB or reach out to a member of our government!

If you would like to suggest an edit or addition, please contact Sho.

Your First Steps

So you've just joined our region, you've answered your issues, and now you're not sure what to do next? Not a problem!

First things first... Have you blocked those pesky recruitment telegrams? If yes, perfect! Next question.

Now... Are you a member of the WA?

But Sho! Why should I join the WA? I'm glad you asked, theoretical other half of this conversation! Even though our citizens are not required to join the World Assembly or "WA", they should consider it because:

WA citizens have the right to vote on World Assembly legislation as well as participate in our regional referendums, run for a regional office, and to collect and give endorsements, which strengthen our region. And when you endorse our President and Vice President, you're helping keep our region safe!

Now... Introduce yourself on Thalassia's RMB and become a part of our community. Request your spot on the map and start roleplaying. Perhaps write a factbook or two. NationStates is made richer by its users' imaginations! (back to top)

Rules And Regulations

Every game has its rules and every government has its laws. No one is exempt! Make sure you read these so you aren't caught unaware!

Please don't police the RMB. We have moderators for that! If you're experiencing an issue, reach out to Home Affairs or any regional officer with "Border Control" permissions.

NationStates Rules

NationStates One-Stop Rule Shop

NationStates FAQ

NationStates Etiquette

RMB/Roleplay Rules

Thalassia's RMB Rules

Thalassia's Roleplay Rules


Constitution of Thalassia

Additional Policies

Thalassia's Roleplay Rules

(back to top)

Thalassian Government

Roles of the Ministries

The Prime Minister oversees the Cabinet, comprised of four mandatory ministries (and any additional ones the incumbent Prime Minister may create for the term), which is appointed to assist with various regional programs and activities. Each ministry serves as an important cog in the machine that keeps this region running!

The mandatory ministries and their respective roles are:

  • Culture

    The Ministry of Culture is in charge of planning, managing, and moderating community events and activity, ranging from games to cultural enrichment to roleplay. They also manage the map of Thalassia, a crucial tool to regional roleplay.

  • Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs handles diplomacy with other regions and organizations. Members of this ministry serve as ambassadors to our embassies and integrate themselves into their communities, looking for ways to strengthen our relationship, whether through official or casual means.

  • Information

    The Ministry of Information ensures our citizens have access to important information and regional news. They oversee the integration of newcomers and maintain our regional newspaper. If you ever have a question, these are usually the people to ask- if they don't know, they'll point you to someone who should.

  • Security

    The Ministry of Security oversees the moderation and safety of our community, as well as the collection and management of intelligence necessary to the Thalassian government. 'Nuff said.

Current Government







Vice President



Acting Prime Minister



Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs



Acting Minister of Home Affairs



Acting Minister of Intelligence


Dino Thalassian Mission

Acting Minister of Culture

Toerana III


Acting Minister of Information


Czech Germania

How to Join the Ministries

The Cabinet is requested to either handle the recruitment for their ministries directly or to send in a request to be placed on this regional civil service dispatch. Nations are encouraged to telegram the minister of the ministry they would like to partake in.

New citizens are encouraged to apply and build their resumes but MUST be WA residents or able to confirm the identity of their WA nation, if in another region. Some ministries have stricter requirements than others. Applicants may partake in more than one ministry, but the Prime Minister or a cabinet minister may dismiss you from a position if they believe you are spread too thin. (back to top)


I recommend checking out LinkNSToday for interregional news and The NewsStand for some of the best newspapers on NationStates.

For day to day regional updates, check out Thalassia's NewsWire!

Thalassia is in the process of starting it's own regional newspaper/magazine! Future editions will be posted below:


Date Released









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Regional Roleplay

Check out this guide to Thalassian roleplay made by Toerana III! To start roleplaying, you'll need to join the map and receive your stats from the culture staff. Telegram Toerana III or Czech Germania to get started!

I would also suggest reading Roleplay for Dummies and How To Write an RP News Post for some hot tips.

Map of Thalassia

Telegram Toerana III or Sho for a spot on the map using the following format:

Nation Name:
Desired Capital City Name:
Desired Nation Slot:
Desired Capital Position [Optional]:

Roleplay Assets

NS Battle Simulator
LinkNS Tracker

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NationStates Guides

Your go-to guide for different aspects to where we are now. Let's learn how to NationStates!

New Players

A set of comprehensive guides for noobs.

NationStates Guide
Gameplay Advice
NS Encyclopedia

Factbook Guides

Ever look at someone's factbook and go "Dang... How did they do that? Before you hit that RAW button, how about some good ole fashioned DIY?

How to Write a Factbook
BBCode Formatting Guide
Guide to a Wiki Style Factbook
Macro Codes


Warning! Some of these dispatches contain {SPOILERS} for issues!

Got Issues? is a guide for how to help write/edit issues or to report current bugs.

This site shows you LinkNationStates issue results.

All known NationStates policies.


Some hot trading tips to get the collection of your dreams.

What you need to know about LinkNationStates Trading Cards

Have any questions? Ask our resident card sharks Toerana III for tips on cards!

World Assembly

How to write a WA proposal.

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LinkPolitical Compass Test
Link8values Political Test
LinkThis Person Does Not Exist
LinkParliament Diagram

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Read dispatch

IDK but I just need to see NS memes lol.

Maritagnia wrote:IDK but I just need to see NS memes lol.

Iíve been looking of those. There are some, but they all relate to the Pacific regions one way or another.

A question to the leaders behind the various nations:

How does one construct a dispatch? I have found the "Welcome to Thalassia" guide quite helpful, and I'd like to create a dispatch for a guide to my nation. I understand a little bit of the coding involved (I've used bbcode before), but I'm at a loss on how to otherwise construct it. Any help would be great.

All the best,
The gal behind The Republic of Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood wrote:snip

I would be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by a guide to your nation? Would you like to create something more formal looking, like a wiki, or perhaps something similar?

Sho wrote:I would be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by a guide to your nation? Would you like to create something more formal looking, like a wiki, or perhaps something similar?

A wiki? That seems a bit above my scope. I just want to know how to format things in a way that makes them look nice. I'd like to have some geography, some tourist info (in case they get lost in the woods), some government facts, etc.

By the way, the guide you made is really excellent. I hadn't known that you could make your own parliament diagram. I'll be using that.

Hello there, This nation is a puppet of Sauelsuesor and is not a world assembly member.
I have noticed that I have been receiving telegrams for the election and while I have no issue with these telegrams but just as a friendly reminder to save stamps, there is a +w.a. tag or similar that only send the telegram to members of the world assembly and thus ones who can vote.

Birnam Wood wrote:By the way, the guide you made is really excellent. I hadn't known that you could make your own parliament diagram. I'll be using that.

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear it was helpful. :D

I'll be sending you a telegram in a moment so I don't clutter the RMB with my explanations.

Sho wrote:Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear it was helpful. :D

I'll be sending you a telegram in a moment so I don't clutter the RMB with my explanations.

Thank you!

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