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Thalassia RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Kingdom of Arenado (elected )

Founder: The Constitutional Monarchy of Thalassia Founder

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Welcome to the sunny seaside Kingdom of Thalassia! Καλως ήρθες!⚓️

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Please endorse Arenado or I’ll bust your niko-niko-nii caps UwU 🏖

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Regional News:

• Congrats to Badivermeraed for being named Crown Prince!

• WAD Election on the 24th! Are you eligible to run?

Embassies: Lazarus, Osiris, St Abbaddon, Caer Sidi, The Communist Bloc, Democratic Socialist Assembly, Karma, Mariner Trench, The MT Army, Portugal, the South Pacific, 21st Century Rome, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Forest, Social Technocratic Union, Cyrannus Star System, and 1 other.Dream World.

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Regional Power: Very High

Thalassia contains 127 nations, the 167th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in Thalassia

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Thalassia is ranked 22,480th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Elective Principality of CarliaDemocratic Socialists“Pax et libertas”
2.The Republic of YtrivaaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Always be careful how much you wager on a game”
3.The Syndicalist Commonwealth of Tirr SavattstraLiberal Democratic Socialists“Guide Everyone to the Shore”
4.The Confederacy of AlsannaDemocratic Socialists“Strength Through Unity”
5.The Overwhelmingly Green Hills of NostalgianaCivil Rights Lovefest“Let’s cruise”
6.The Kingdom of HasheminiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength and Honor”
7.The Democratic States of NilantiveScandinavian Liberal Paradise“As ascending, another ascends”
8.The Matriarchy of HellaflylandiaCivil Rights Lovefest“By the People, for the People”
9.The Proto-Anarchistic States of Madden OweightLeft-wing Utopia“It's always a party in Madden Oweight”
10.The Most Serene Republic of Balkvla IslandsLeft-wing Utopia“Friendship”
1234. . .1213»

Regional Poll • WAD Election March 2020

The Quarantined Queen of Sho wrote:Who should be the next World Assembly Delegate?

Voting opened 1 day 2 hours ago and will close . Open to WA member residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


Thalassia Regional Message Board

As the title suggests, here is an in-depth look at each of my proposals.

For those of you who wish to take a deeper dive into my proposals, you are in the right place. Any new endorsement program ideas will come later, but I plan to revive Thalassiendos.

Encouraging Debate and Voter Turnout

In order to encourage debate, I need to be involved in the debating, and I will ensure that my vice-delegate is too. On the RMB or in another specified place, I will share my thoughts and recommendations on proposals at vote, and on the proposal floor, that may end up going to vote. By being one step ahead in the WA, I hope Thalassia will see fit to become even more involved, including in the World Assembly drafting forums, and possibly in writing proposals of their own. Thalassia is a rather large community, including in the WA, and has plenty of potential and influence, and I am seeking to make it shine as much as possible on the global stage.

Determination of my Vote

As I have said before, I will vote with the majority of Thalassia after one day of voting, whether or not it goes against the original voting recommendation I gave. If I am to be an elected representative of Thalassia, I shall do my job and express the will of the people.

WA Mentorship

Anyone who wishes to draft their own proposal, and wishes to seek help may look to the WA Mentorship Program. Any citizen of Thalassia who has previously served as a delegate or vice-delegate or has written a passed reolution who wishes to become a part of this program may at their discretion, and any other experienced WA member may apply to me for a spot. The Mentors will be listed in a dispatch, and anyone wishing to contact them for help may do so. The Mentors are encouraged to share their thoughts on votes and proposals.
Read dispatch

Edit: If you have questions for Grey and I, Sho made a section for this purpose on the Discord.

An AMA channel has been opened on the discord as well! Feel free to swing by.

[Copied from the Discord announcement] Hello my emotional support girls, squirrels, gays, and theys. We have officers! If you see a star by their name, they are new. Give them hearty congrats!

Community Affairs
Arenado (Minister, Gameside)
🌟 Owl Archipelago (Offsite)
🌟 Zeneslav (Roleplay)
🌟 Tirr Savattstra (Roleplay)
🌟 South Cark Islands (Roleplay)

Foreign Affairs
Sho (Minister)
🌟 Badivermeraed (Outreach)
🌟 Ayeinc (Foreign Releases)

State Affairs
🌟 Grey County (Minister)

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Festival of the Lights in Balsaam Kicks off With a Bang, Literally

The Festival of the Lights is one of Zentata's signature festivals, a time to celebrate light in all its forms, in particular light shows and elaborate and artistic fireworks displays, culminating in the grand show over Limmaar Bay. The festival is beloved among Zentatans, and is one of the main tourist attractions in the Balsaam Region. This year's festival in particular was greatly anticipated for the return of Den Breck, an experimental artist whose works were one of the most beautiful parts of the show, combining glass and light in a mesmerizing fashion until his abrupt departure for unknown reasons ten years ago.

However, on the day before the event a ship carrying fireworks exploded in the bay. It was apparently un-manned at the time, as a customs dispute had required the small crew to go ashore to the customs center before docking. When the crew was wrangling with the customs officials, the boat exploded, along with the fireworks. The noise was "surprisingly loud" as described by the captain, and according to one eyewitness the explosion was "the most impressive grande finale I've seen for a good decade". The explosion caused no injuries, although a few people reported having quite a shock from the sudden noise. The cause of the event is still under investigation, although it seems likely that a spark was created in some fashion, causing a destructive and immediate chain reaction.

The loss of the fireworks will not have any major impact on the festival, said Olene Rogers, the chair of events for the festival. The extra supplies should cover the shortage caused by the explosion, she added.

Article by John Jasper, Zentatan Press Group

My 3 week plan
Here is my proposed first 3 weeks plan to get my programs up and running.

First Three Weeks Plan
This is my spin on The traditional First hundred days plan but for a 4-month term, I have decided to go with a three-week plan to get my WA plans up and running as well as start off the term right. If you would like to see this happen the please considre Voting for Me.

Post Election Days
In the days after the election but before I formally take the position of WA Delegate I would immediately begin trying to 1. get people onto the WA Writing Committee as well as laying the groundwork for the endotarting program.

Week 1
After Formally taking the position my first week would include the first debates over proposals and my first WA recommendations. I would begin accepting rough drafts for the writing committee to view and I will continue to lay the framework of the endotarting program.
Week 2
In week 2 I would launch the endotarting program and promote it a bunch by emphasizing regional security, rewards and getting to see all WA nations in Thalassia. I would continue to iron out any kinks in the debate system as well as getting the writing committee into full force.

Week 3
In the final week of the first 3 weeks, I would begin the search for my Vice Delegate through an application process similar to the officer applications recently held. I would have our WA Debates system and endotarting fully up and running and would begin to transition into the maintaining of my programs phase which would emphasize maintaining participation in and knowledge of my initiatives.

Thank you for reading my Three Week Plan and I hope you will considre voting Grey County for WA Delegate.

Read dispatch


CLTV 1,The opposition is celebrating in Planton City, ruling in Layton

In today's election, the opposition Democratic Party won in Planton City, winning the largest number of seats in the city assembly as well as in several municipalities within the district.Opposition leader Elizabeth Hall called this the biggest victory in the previous 20 years, while some municipalities such as Paltrou, Palaman, Eastern Dania belonged to the People's Republican Party.The situation will be very interesting because the power of the district belongs as the position of mayor belongs to the opposing options

In capital(Layton), the ruling party justified its role as the favorite by winning the most seats in the city assembly as well as the majority of municipalities with the exclusion of the Layton municipality of Dallas which belongs to the People and Justice party.The rulers are happy with the result and if they do not hide their disappointment with the loss of Planton City.

These results already show how voters can vote in the General Elections in the spring of 2022.According to these results, it could be concluded that the Democratic Party is growing in popularity.

Joint statement from Grey and I

Grey County and Jedinsto's Voter Turnout Initiative

What this is
Both of us believe that no matter who you plan on voting for that voting in this election is extremely important, it's just as important as people running in elections. If people don't vote we won't have an accurate representation of the citizen's views and won't have a person in the office who accurately represents the people. This is to convince you of why it's important for you to vote.

The Benefits of Voting
The benefits of voting are that YOU get a say in who will represent you in the World Assembly, being a member of the Curia Reginae, and running the WA Ministry, through voting, you will be able to voice your informed opinion on which candidate is best and you can also pitch ideas to your candidates throughout the campaign. It also can show that you're interested in government and the research you do to inform your decision can give you a look at what campaign dispatches look like for your potential future campaigns.

Make sure that you go out, and use your democratic right to vote because no matter who you vote for we appreciate it! The WAD represents you.

Also here are our campaign dispatches if you would like to take a look-

Read dispatch

This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make for a ns vote. Best of luck to grey and jed!

What's that sound? Why, that's the subtle but noticeable beep signaling

Radio Zeneslav News

- Genetic engineering experiments promise return of extinct animal
- Prime Minister to celebrate his 57th birthday
- National Phone manufacturer sues TVZE over television emission

Researchers at the Bňrjagrad Institute of Science and Technology have published their findings on their genetic engineering experiments intending to facilitate the return of the long-neck unicorn, the long-extinct national animal of Zeneslav. The research team has determined that after significant lab studies and experimentation, they have managed to reproduce the structures and embryos specific to the long-neck unicorn and hope to release it into the wild very soon. The Zenesk government is very hopeful of the project as well as what it means for other endangered species throughout Thalassia. More details to follow in the coming months.

Government offices will close and services will be suspended on Monday, 7 March in honor of Prime Minister Kŕsper Kŕrlevesk’s 57th birthday. The Prime Minister has once again made the decision to close the government down and declare a day of relaxation for the country. Services such as law enforcement and fire crews will still be operational, but non-essential facilities such as postal services, licensing administrations, and various other bureaucracies will be shut down for the day. Normal operations will resume the next day.

National telephone manufacturer Pjenźj Elektrňnjka has sued TVZE this week over an episode broadcast by Channel 2 of the popular soap drama Professor What. The episode, which showcases Bluetooth earpieces used to subjugate the population of Svjatňj Kŕrk, the capital of San Cark, was cited by the company as being responsible for decline of earphone sales across Zeneslav and a massive hit in the company’s profit. Pjenźj Elektrňnjka says it intends to go after the TV giant as best it can, as it needs some way to recuperate its sales after numerous attempts to reclaim public trust.

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Roses are red, silent as a mouse. Your door is unlocked, i’m inside your house.

Vikanias wrote:Roses are red, silent as a mouse. Your door is unlocked, i’m inside your house.

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