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Arctic RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Far North Republic of Crockerland (elected )

Founder: The Kingdom of The Ice Bears

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to ARCTIC | Founded: November 14th, 2004

The land whose skin is of ice but whose heart is of fire - Prekrasnaya zemlya

A calm clubhouse for old and esteemed nations - Maas

Regional Flag Designed by Witty Penguins

LinkRegional Anthem Chosen by Kubrath

For Detailed or Miscellaneous Information visit the LinkNEW Arctic Forum or the LinkOLD Arctic Forum, the LinkArctic Wiki or the LinkArctic Regional Map

Regional Assembly Members: Crockerland, Zyzzzyx, Kubrath, The arctic states, Maas, Troekochi,Tuktoyaktuk,Witty Penguins,Polarea

The 10th Era of Arctic has now begun! Welcome to the first Arctic Commonwealth

Embassies: Antarctica, Scandinavia, The Commonwealth of Crowns, The Illuminati, U R N, Imperium of the Wolf, 10000 Islands, Antarctic Oasis, Conifer, The Arctic, Omnia, Barbaria, SECFanatics, The Great Experiment, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Featured, Free Trade, Independent, Liberal, Libertarian, Map, Medium, Neutral, Offsite Forums, and 4 others.Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Arctic contains 42 nations, the 333rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Extensive Civil Rights in Arctic

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, Arctic is ranked 8,887th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Javind MapseAnarchy“Might Makes Right”
2.The Free Land of ZyzzzyxCapitalizt“None of Your Damn Buisness”
3.The Arctic Republic of Witty PenguinsCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom, Peace & Unity”
4.The Confederacy of Sapmi TerritoryCivil Rights Lovefest“Heart in tradition, glance to the future”
5.The Republic of ArcticusCivil Rights Lovefest“The Cold Doesn't Bother Us”
6.The Socialist People's Republic of Novaya ZemlyaIron Fist Socialists“Pimpin' aint easy”
7.The State of MaasCivil Rights Lovefest“Plus ultra”
8.The Quorum of NanisivikLeft-wing Utopia“Prana ferox”
9.The Commonwealth of AkulivikLeft-Leaning College State“Mysterious strangers from distant stores”
10.The Far North Republic of CrockerlandLeft-Leaning College State“Inctus Sub Deo”

Regional Happenings


Arctic Regional Message Board

We will offer the Prince of Salulia exile on our uncharted coordinates island if all parties agree, please do not start your new regime by burning someone at the stake we have a secure place called Longford House where the Prince can live out his days safely and without danger to others.

The ACB and State of Maas will not make any public statement in regards to the situation in Salulia but we can confirm that claims made by Yayna regarding arms manufacturing and general puny-ness are indeed factually accurate.

On an entirely unrelated matter - anyone want to buy some cheese pizzas? We'll even put some trout on them if that's what you're all into... c'mon...

Compiled October 8th, 2019 - Arctic

Rejoice, the recession is gone. And how! Impressive economic growth has ballooned the regional economy. Emplyoment is also up (while still lagging behind somewhat globally) and taxation seems to have grown by a decent margin with at least some of those additional funds used to ensure more equal incomes in the nations. Meanwhile the shadow economy is also on the rise as the constant blight on our fine region.
Industry-wise, tourism has made a solid rise as a result of the post-recession boom (hand-in-hand with the rise in average wages) with other fields having a more moderate growth or indeed fall. Nothing out of the ordinary there given the whole world seems to be in boom-mode. A notable culinary trend in the Arctic can be seen from the rise in trout fishing while the pizza delivery sector has taken a turn for the worse. Another notable industry to be on the rise is arms manufacturing, no doubt a sign of the turbulent times in our area ignited by the looming internal crisis in Salulia. Overall, book publishing and IT remain dominant industry sectors with agriculture lagging behind at the end of the list.

Key number
The total Arctic GDP is 40,184,788,000,000,000 (approximately fourty quadrillion) currency units. This figure means an impressive rise of 12% from the last report with the region having grown by three nations in the meanwhile.

Common currency
Out of the region's current 42 nations, the Polar Crown is the official currency of 19: Amzos, Crockerland, International-Nations, Jajan, Kubrath, Laffin Island, Langrick, Novaya Zemlya, Nyaryaga, Pigwir, Rengis, Serenicy, The Ice Bears, The Kingdom of the Ice Bears, Upro, Witty Penguins, Yayna, Yooo.

The total number of countries using the Polar Crown has dropped by one (20 to 19) since the last report with three kinds of changes occurring:
- One nation that has (hopefully temporarily) ceased to exist: Troekochi.
- One nation that has ceased to exist, was then refounded in Lazarus and has not made it's way back to the Arctic (while still continuing to use the Polar Crown which has created an interesting case of overseas use): Exosar.
- One new nation has adopted the Polar Crown: Maas (already infamous for hosting the Arctic Central Bank while not using its currency, the Maase government has finally made the switch to the common currency, while still insisting on calling it Polaarkronas.

The collective GDP of the currency zone nations is 29,825,766,000,000,000 Crowns which makes up about 74.2% of the region's total economic output (76.8% last time) and has increased by about 8% since the last report. Nations using the Crown generally tend to be older and established nations and as a result have large overall economies while the GDP per capita doesn't have as strong of a correlation to the currency used.

Regional rankings
Arctic standing in economic fields out of a total of 21,302 world regions (23,976 last quarter):
(*Up/down in brackets indicates change in ranking from previous quarter)
(*Region's leading nation in the field included in brackets, X2 means same nation as last time, X3 same as last two reports, X4 means that someone's being extra possessive)

Overall economy:
- 2,057th (down 46) for Highest Economic Output (highest: Yayna)
- 8,995th (down 44) for Most Efficient Economies (most: shared)

Economic policy:
- 3,279th (up 306) for Most Subsidized Industry (most: Polarea X3)
- 4,769th (down 331) for Most Scientifically Advanced (most: Polarea X3)
- 5,336th (up 2577) in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates (highest: Novaya Zemlya X4)
- 7,793rd (up 1492) for Most Income Equality (most: Tuktoyaktuk)
- 15,283rd (down 122) for Most Pro-Market (most: Javind Mapse)
- 16,901st (up 1904) for Highest Workforce Participation Rate (highest: Pigwir X4)
- 18,774th (up 1618) for Lowest Overall Tax Burden (lowest: Zyzzzyx X4)

Citizen income:
- 4,714th (up 172) for Highest Average Incomes (highest: Polarea X3)
- 4,621st (up 535) for Highest Poor Incomes (highest: Polarea X3)
- 7,271 (down 514) for Highest Wealthy Incomes (highest: Zyzzzyx)
- 10,030 (down 2798) for Highest Disposable Incomes (highest: Zyzzzyx)
- 3,504 (up 973) for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides (greatest: Zyzzzyx X3)

- 3,142nd (up 21) for Largest Publishing Industry (largest: The Ice Bears X4)
- 4,195th (down 905) Largest Information Technology Sector (largest: Polarea)
- 4,776th (up 964) for Most Popular Tourist Destinations (most: Pigwir X4)
- 5,023rd (up 38) for Largest Soda Pop Sector (largest: The Ice Bears X4)
- 6,384th (up 2410) for Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector (largest: Yayna X4)
- 6,465th (down 870) for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector (largest: Amzos X4)
- 7,180th (up 1095) for Largest Manufacturing Sector (largest: Yayna X4)
- 7,552nd (up 2531) for Largest Trout Fishing Sector (largest: Salulia)
- 8,298th (up 1612) for Largest Mining Sector (largest: Laffin Island)
- 8,629th (up 596) for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry (largest: Yayna X4)
- 8,879th (down 1320) for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry (largest: Laffin Island X4)
- 9,684th (down 1139) for Largest Retail Industry (largest: Zyzzzyx X4)
- 10,191st (up 238) for Largest Basket Weaving Sector (largest: Serenicy X4)
- 10,515th (down 722) for Largest Cheese Export Sector (largest: Maas X4)
- 11,270th (down 321) for Largest Gambling Industry (largest: Serenicy)
- 11,759th (down 276) for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector (largest: Maas X4)
- 12,517th (up 172) for Largest Insurance Industry (largest: Serenicy X4)
- 12,743rd (up 316) for Largest Agricultural Sector (largest: Native Greenland)

Shadow economy:
- 1,437 (up 658) for Largest Black Market (largest: Aexalla)
- 5,600th (up 1255) for Most Corrupt Governments (most: Novaya Zemlya X3)

Notable nations
Most efficient economies (according to Krugman-Greenspan Business Outlook Index):
- Amzos - 100.00
- Kubrath - 100.00
- Polarea - 100.00
- Serenicy - 100.00
- Yayna - 100.00

Highest overall GDP:
1) Yayna - 3,529,653,000,000,000 Polar Crowns
2) Laffin Island - 3,497,611,000,000,000 Polar Crowns
3) The Ice Bears - 3,239,258,000,000,000 Polar Crowns
4) Novaya Zemlya - 2,838,779,000,000,000 Polar Crowns
5) Blue Savannah - 2,341,664,000,000,000 Thunders

Highest incomes per capita:
1) Polarea - 169,258 Arcbytes
2) Novaya Zemlya - 159,724 Polar Crowns
3) Maas - 130,487 Polaarkronas
4) Yayna - 123,730 Polar Crowns
5) Laffin Island - 122,646 Polaarkronas

Lowest incomes per capita:
1) Tuktoyaktuk - 16,653 Tuktoyaktuk Dollars
2) Pigwir - 19,640 Polar Crowns
3) Tinorom - 20,966 Tins
4) Lakshmistan - 29,976 Tikis
5) Yooo - 33,829 Polar Crowns

Highlighted nations
The ACB would like to commend Upro - the nation dropped down into a horrid recession in the beginning of summer but has by now not only improved but nearly doubled their economy compared to last report.
The ACB would also like to commend The Arctic Ambassador - this nation has recently become much more active in implementing new (pro-business) policies and has seen their national economy rise by over 50% as a direct result.
The ACB would similarly like to commend International-Nations - another example of a nation where implementing pro-business policies has resulted in a swift economic growth of around 50%.

However, the ACB would also like to express concern at Yooo - the Grand Duchy has started to actively implement policies after a long hiatus and the apparent instability has caused a general recession that is only slightly showing signs of recovering. Similarly Langrick has seen a sudden downturn in their economy in the past months with the government fortunately taking steps to counter this. The ACB wishes both nations a speedy recovery.

While the current regional economy grows impressively, the Arctic Central Bank would suggest (although by no means require) the member nations to:
- Exercise caution when enacting policies to not be carried away by the massive economic growth across the region and keep in mind that an efficient and stabile economic system requires a content and capable populace;
- Place higher emphasis on enacting policies to combat corruption and curb black market influences;
- As always, remain sceptical of issues that offer massive overahauls of the economic systems (e.g. placing an AI in charge of the economy) or taxation systems (e.g. slashing all government in half) and consider those actions deeply before approving them;
- Consider joining the Polar Crown nations if they have not already done so to grow financial cohesion across the region (and that sweet sense of unity).

This has been an ACB publication by Maas, feedback is welcome.
Thank you for your attention!

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Ok hi! Here is update from 10000 Islands!

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: September 2019
Population: 1186
Delegate Endorsements: 284

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
Commander-in-Chief: Markanite
Field Commander: Kanta Hame
Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Twobagger, Mingulay Isle
Executive Officers: Hakketomat, Aschente

- Since our last update, Kortexia has stepped down from his role as TO. TITO thanks him for his service.
- Additionally, Mingulay Isle has been promoted to TO.
- Finally, congratulations to our Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman on his promotion to be the 110th Knight of TITO.


The current government of the 10000 Islands is:
-Chief Executive: Markanite
-WA Delegate: Kuriko
-Senior Senator for Himes West: Flemingisa
-Senator for Lyonesse East: The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
-Senator for Blue Canaria North: HumanSanity
-Senator for New Republica South: Aschente
-Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
-Minister of Labor: Paffnia
-Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

Election Season
Since our last update, Delegate elections have been held. Former Delegate Kuriko returns to her post after defeating Sargon Reman. Aersoldorf was forced to step down from his post as Senator for Lyonesse East due to real life – the region thanks him for his service. Flemingisa was reelected as Senator for Himes West.

In the most recent round of Senate elections, Tanzoria did not run for re-election to his seat as Blue Canaria North senator. For that election, HumanSanity of MSPP defeated Marxist Germany of TCP. URI of TCP ran unopposed for her old seat as Senator for Lyonesse East. Senior Senator for New Republic South Dominion of Compassion of MSPP lost reelection to Aschente of TCP, a long time TITO contributor making his first foray into regional government.

Legislative Changes

Around the Islands

Role Play
Himes West Senator Flemingisa is working on a forthcoming Quiddich Role Play.

Shelter’s Taco Island
- following the retirement of Mayor Ater Nox, Markanite appointed Louisistan to be the new Mayor of Shelter’s Taco Island. See here:
- Louisistan immediately opened his Mayor’s Mansion. See here:
- Delegate Kuriko was temporarily held by the Taco Island Police Department for a list of offenses. See here:
- A deal was struck between rebel leader Aschente and Mayor Louisistan after a drawn out conflict dating back to Louisistan's appointment as Mayor. See here:
- The mysterious HATE group is beginning to make a mark on Taco Island. Their goals are as of yet unkown. See here:
- SweetHaven and United Royal Islands have started Werewolves #64: Chaos in the Carnival. See here:
- New Mayor Louisistan inducted Ater Nox, the outgoing Mayor, into the Spammer Hall of Fame. See here:

- Paffnia was appointed Cartographer-General by Chief Executive Markanite. See here:
- Paffnia subsequently released the updated XKI Map. See here:
- Paffnia has appointed Free Earthian Yap as the Deputy Cartographer-General to help oversee the integration of the Map with RP. We look forward to seeing their continuing efforts! See here:
- Senator for Lyonesse East United Royal Islands has posted the House Cup, Shield, and Sceptre competition and Prolific Posting Contest for the month of September. Thanks to URI for running it and to Taco Island Charities for funding the Prolific Posting Contest. See here: and
- 10000 Islands participated in N-Day this year as part of the Canopy faction, coming in second place with their many friends. See here:
- Regional Reserve Chairwoman United Royal Islands declared Paffnia the “Account of the Quarter”. Congratulations to Paffnia! See here:
- THX1138 was named a Featured Nation by The Tasmanian Islands! See here:
- In the month of September, Escanaba was our top recruiter, relatively new recruiter THX1138 was our runner up recruiter, and HS and Jabberwocky made substantial contributions. The regional population is up 115 nations over the month of September. Good work to all!
- Escanaba was promoted to Deputy Minister of Immigration by Sargon Reman and Na Kanaka Isles was promoted to Deputy Minister of Education by The Tasmanian Islands
- Some of you are getting new Emissaries shortly! Ammotangadia has been appointed emissary to the Renegade Islands Alliance, The Tasmanian Islands has been appointed emissary to The Union of Democratic States, Ayunli was appointed Ambassador to The Rejected Realms, Marxist Germany was appointed emissary to The Hole to Hide In, THX1138 has been appointed emissary to Europe, Philosophy 115, and the Western Isles, and The Valencian Federation has been appointed emissary to The Coalition of Democratic Nations. Congratulations to all of our new emissaries and I hope everyone gets a chance to mix and mingle. See here:
- The Tasmanian Islands has hired Sargon Reman as a Buddy. See here:
- longtime 10000 Islands contributor and former Delegate Dominion of Compassion announced that he was leaving the region to pursue other interests. We wish him the best of luck in his future pursuits. See here:
- for a more offbeat and upbeat take on recent 10000 Islands news, check out The Mad Surfer on the 10000 Islands forum thanks to Jabberwocky and his team! See here:

Read dispatch

Thank you!

tiki :)

Nord Taiga ceased to exist.....

The taiga is a forest of the cold, subarctic region. The subarctic is an area of the Northern Hemisphere that lies just south of the Arctic Circle.The taiga lies between the tundra to the north and temperate forests to the south. Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia, and Siberia have taigas

Post self-deleted by Salulia.

The 7 day weather forecast summary for Arctic:

The next 7 day outlook for Arctic shows the average daytime maximum temperature will be around -5°C, with a high for the week of 0°C expected on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th. The average minimum temperature will be -14°C, dipping to its lowest on the evening of Saturday 19th at -17°C. Expect the week ahead to remain predominantly dry. On the whole winds are likely to be moderate.

Note: The previous roleplay was when Salulia was still in the year 1417. I am now speeding everything up to the present, and guess what...WE HAVE ANOTHER TYRANNICAL REGIME WHO TAXES AND EXECUTES EVERYBODY! WOOHOO!
(So yes, that entire roleplay, Yayna and Gaffin, was pointless. And if you're ticked off, I truly apologize. But now, Salulia is under another evil regime. :D)
Oh yeah, I also updated le Factbook because all of my previous roleplay characters are dead.

* McGaffin wakes up and walks to the window strangely the wooden shutters have gone and have been replaced by some kind of solid yet transparent material that he can see through, looking out of the window the ships in the harbour are all moving about but without sails, down in the street below many many horseless carriages are moving around in what seems like chaos.

What is this sorcery? Did that damned Merlin slip something into my drink last night at the feast? McGaffin stumbles back to bed he can't help notice the bed seems different not like his usual sack of straw perhaps when he wakes again things will have returned to normality *

Welcome to the cold place, Technocratic Lapland. Feel free to grab a drink from the fridge* and enjoy the northern lights.

(* The fridge is literally the outdoors)



Gasp. Maybe do just one? I mean... it's much easier to opress people in a stable and growing pro-business economy.

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