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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Far North Republic of Crockerland (elected )

Founder: The Kingdom of The Ice Bears

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to ARCTIC | Founded: November 14th, 2004

The land whose skin is of ice but whose heart is of fire - Prekrasnaya zemlya

A calm clubhouse for old and esteemed nations - Maas

Regional Flag Designed by Witty Penguins

LinkRegional Anthem

LinkThe regional currency as issued by the Arctic Central Bank

For Detailed or Miscellaneous InformationLink Arctic Forum, LinkArctic Wiki, LinkArctic Regional Map

Regional Assembly Members: Crockerland, Zyzzzyx, Kingdom of the Polar Bear, Maas, Witty Penguins, Polarea, Mapoleon, Antarc

The 10th Era of Arctic has now begun! Welcome to the first Arctic Commonwealth

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    Arctic Central Bank // Economic Report - Fall 2019

    MetaReference by Maas . 36 reads.

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    Arctic Central Bank // I Quarter Economic Report 2019

    MetaReference by Maas . 36 reads.

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    The Arctic Constitution

    MetaReference by Nyaryaga . 111 reads.

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    List of Amendments to the Arctic Constitution

    MetaReference by Kubrath . 30 reads.

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    Cabinet Positions

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Embassies: Antarctica, Scandinavia, The Commonwealth of Crowns, The Illuminati, U R N, Imperium of the Wolf, 10000 Islands, Antarctic Oasis, The Arctic, Barbaria, The Great Experiment, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Featured, Free Trade, Independent, Liberal, Libertarian, Map, Medium, Neutral, Offsite Forums, and 3 others.Regional Government, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Arctic contains 44 nations, the 397th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Arctic

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Arctic is ranked 14,731st in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of RunantopiaAnarchy“Peace and Justice”
2.The Free Land of ZyzzzyxAnarchy“None of Your Damn Buisness”
3.The Holy Empire of EyeshlandCapitalist Paradise“we all snufkin here.”
4.The Nomadic Peoples of Paleo-SiberiaFather Knows Best State“Земля Арктического Солнца.”
5.The Republic of Nova ArcticaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Eureka!”
6.The Confederacy of Sapmi TerritoryCivil Rights Lovefest“Heart in tradition, glance to the future”
7.The Territories of TchwartzhadInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Justice, Loyalty”
8.The Engis of RengisFather Knows Best State“Middle-sized happiness is within reach, some reach it”
9.The Republic of JajanNew York Times Democracy“Stealth is key”
10.The State of MaasCivil Rights Lovefest“Plus ultra”

Last poll: “Should we discard the New Arctic Forum?”

Regional Happenings


Arctic Regional Message Board

The usual weather report I use is suffering from privacy issues and its surprisingly difficult to obtain a weather forecast in the written word it's mostly maps and automation, I think I have a device that can access it so I'll give that a try next week if things are the same.

2020 June Sea Ice Outlook Report is Now Available

The 2020 June Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) report is now available. The Sea Ice Outlook, an effort managed by the Sea Ice Prediction Network–Phase 2 (SIPN2), provides an open process for those interested in Arctic sea ice to share predictions and ideas. The monthly reports contain a variety of perspectives—from advanced numerical models to qualitative perspectives from citizen scientists. The Outlook is not an operational forecast.

For the 2020 June report, 33 contributions were received that included pan-Arctic predictions. Of those contributions eight included predictions for pan-Antarctic and the Alaska Region. Additionally, we received 13 submissions of sea-ice probability and ten submissions of first ice-free date. New this year, the report includes ice-free conditions for the Hudson Bay region; September sea-ice concentration contour in the Fram Strait region, motivated by the MOSAiC expedition; and we invited contributors to submit initial conditions (sea-ice concentration and sea-ice thickness) of their forecasts to better understand how observations are being used in forecasts.

For the pan-Arctic, the median June Outlook value for September 2020 sea-ice extent is 4.33 million square kilometers, with quartiles of 4.06 and 4.59 million square kilometers. The median is close to the 2019 June Outlook, of 4.40 million square kilometers, and to the observed 2019 September sea-ice extent of 4.32 million square kilometers.

Poll..... Housekeeping, Should we remove the New forum link from the factbook? It's never been used and in fact we never use the forums now at all, the old one is sitting there as an archive and can be used if necessary or is it doing no harm just sitting there? Don't mind one way or the other? It might be fun just to press the Abstain button

We could add a third (fourth?) forum...

Nanisivik wrote:We could add a third (fourth?) forum...

True I should have listed that as a possibility in the Poll.

The 7 day weather forecast summary for Arctic:

Taking a look at Arctic over the coming week and the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 5°C/41F, with a high for the week of 7°C/44·6F expected on the afternoon of Saturday 4th. The average minimum temperature will be 1°C/33·8F, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Wednesday 8th at 0°C/32F. Expect the week ahead to remain predominantly dry. On the whole winds are likely to be moderate.

I missed the poll but would have voted to
discard. Historically we’ve never stuck with forums

Aexalla wrote:I missed the poll but would have voted to
discard. Historically we’ve never stuck with forums


Yes there was a group of residents that made the old forum but since they died out it's never been used, just a museum really and the new one was never used.

Hello loved Arcticis!!!

Here is emissary report from your friend region 10000_islands.

Love tiki :)

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: June 2020
Population: 2113
Delegate Endorsements: 710
Forum: Link
Discord: Link

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite.
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Mingulay Isle, THX1138.
~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.


As of this reportís publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: Kuriko
~Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Grea Kriopia
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Controlitia
~Senator for Himes West (RP): Marxist Germany
~Minister of Labor: HumanSanity
~Minister of Immigration: THX1138
~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

Additionally, XKI is proud to announce the signing of the Treaty of the Waxing Moon with The East Pacific to further recognize and appreciate the history of friendship between the two regions.

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

New Government Appointments

~ The FA team grew again this month as Thedairos was appointed Emissary to The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Grea Kriopia was appointed Emissary to The North Pacific, Kohnhead was appointed Emissary to Wintreath, Free Las Pinas was appointed Ambassador to Texas, and Wille-Harlia was appointed Emissary to South Pacific.
~ The Cultural Office gained Thedairos, Free Las Pinas, Snakeden, and Al0neForever as Cultural Office Assistants.
~ Woonsocket was hired as Casino Manager in the revitalization of the XKI Casino.
~ With the Casino shuffle, Paffnia was made Regional Reserve Chair with Woonsocket becoming Deputy Regional Reserve Chair.
~ In the Education department, Wille-Harlia was hired as Deputy Minister of Education by Minister The Tasmanian Islands.

XKI Summer Olympics

June saw the first-ever XKI Summer Olympics hosted by Cultural Officer HumanSanity and Cultural Office Assistant Grea Kriopia, which ran as a month-long event spree where 3 Olympic teams competed for points, trading cards, and bragging rights. Events featured spamming contests, an Issues writing contest, a short story contest, Card collection competition, Factbook writing contest, team debates, and more, each awarding a points reward to the winning team. The event had a staggering 96 participants in total and much friendly competition was had!

In the end, Team ALEN led by THX1138 took home the gold with a total of 525 points. Next followed Team Fleeb in second with 396 points and in 3rd place with bronze came Team Anime Daisuki with 339 points. A hearty congratulations to all teams, though, for their strong participation and team spirit that helped kick the summer off strong, and special thanks also go to all of the guest judges who helped with various events.

Around the Islands

~ The LinkXKI Cards Co-Op snuck in right at the end of the month to establish a community based regional card farming operation separate from the XKI Cultural Office. More info to come in July once the Co-Op is up and running.
~ June's LinkFeatured Nation was Wille-Harlia! Congrats to him on all of his recent accomplishments and promotions, and we can't wait to see what you do next!
~ As mentioned previously, the XKI Casino got a nice revamp in the month of June with the help of Woonsocket. Now, Islanders can fulfill all their gambling addiction needs with regular lotteries, Roulette, and more to come!
~ The first space launches of the XKI Space Program took place in June with Linkdramatic results for all their parties involved.
~ Some XKIers moseyed over to a Texas Saturday morning BBQ for a nice chat and friendly regional visit.
~ The Summer Olympics brought lots of additional spam to Taco Island, but the chaos only grew as a Linkcriminal manhunt was underway for Shy Guyia. Full support to Mayor Louisistan as he seeks justice!

XKI Game-Side

A regional poll in June by Jabberwocky asked Islanders what soda they thought was sodalicious.

This month’s RMB posts show what's really on Islander's minds during quarantine...

Self-confidence is key!
Suspect everyone...even the pigeons
Weird flex, but ok
Grandmas be like...
Cards go vroom
A nice reminder
Darn, copyright!
It's called fashion

WA Affairs

June 03, 2020 SC Commend Crushing Our Enemies: Citing the target's legislative, organizational, and military work across NationStates.
Author: Jakker City
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 0 | Against 14
Delegate vote: Against (weight 809)
Final WA vote: For 15370 (75.0%) | Against 5135 (25.0%)
Result: Passed June 06, becoming SCR#310

June 03, 2020 GA Rights of the Employed: A resolution to further establish and clarify worker's rights unilaterally.
Author: The Greater Soviet North America
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 5 | Against 10 | Abstain 2
Delegate vote: Against (weight: 810)
Final WA vote: For 11828 (53.9%) | Against 10133 (46.1%)
Result: Passed June 7, becoming GAR#491

June 07, 2020 SC Commend 9003: Seeking to commend the target for their extensive work in International Artwork (cards) and military work.
Author: Noahs Second Country
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 17 | Against 0
Delegate vote: For (weight 842)
Final WA vote: For 21925 (90.3%) | Against 2358 (9.7%)
Result: Passed May 8, becoming SCR#304

June 07, 2020 GA Proper Hygiene For Medical Instruments: A resolution to bolster hygiene standards in healthcare to raise universal standards of health.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 11 | Against 0
Delegate vote: For (weight 785)
Final WA vote: For 18256 (91%) | Against 1803 (9%)
Result: Passed June 11, becoming GAR#492

June 11, 2020 SC Repeal "Liberate Iran": A movement to repeal Iran's liberation in order for the region to be refounded.
Author: Iramerica
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 20 | Against 0
Delegate vote: For (weight 772)
Final WA vote: For 16861 (87.5%) | Against 2416 (12.5%)
Result: Passed June 14, becoming SCR#312

June 11, 2020 GA Language and Education Rights for Deaf Individuals: A resolution to protect Deaf individuals from discrimination with emphasis on education quality.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 10 | Against 0
Delegate vote: For (weight 770)
Final WA vote: For 17814 (93.6%) | Against 1221 (6.4%)
Result: Passed June 15, becoming GAR#493

June 15, 2020 SC Commend Apulita: Citing the target's work in regional government, particularly in Warzone Europe.
Author: Jean Rowe
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 10 | Against 4
Delegate vote: Against (weight 753) - violated ROVA
Final WA vote: For 4150 (26.2%) | Against 11708 (73.8%)
Result: Failed to pass.

June 15, 2020 GA Regulating Desalination: A resolution to protect Deaf individuals from discrimination with emphasis on education quality.
Author: Honeydewstania
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 14 | Against 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 752)
Final WA vote: For 11930 (65.2%) | Against 6378 (34.8%)
Result: Passed June 19, becoming GAR#494

June 19, 2020 SC Repeal "Condemn Vandoosa": A movement to repeal the target's condemnation on the grounds of poor quality and overexaggeration.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 0 | Against 13
Delegate vote: Against (weight 755)
Final WA vote: For 4000 (25.2%) | Against 11903 (74.8%)
Result: Failed to pass.

June 19, 2020 GA Supporting and Valuing the Humanities: Establishing extra academic and monetary support for the humanities in academic institutions.
Author: Castle Federation
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 10 | Against 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 753)
Final WA vote: For 15221 (82.6%) | Against 3197 (17.4%)
Result: Passed June 23, becoming GAR#495

June 23, 2020 SC Commend The Salaxalans: Citing the target's work of the highest potato quality in Spiritus.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 11 | Against 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 734)
Final WA vote: For 13640 (90.3%) | Against 2763 (9.7%)
Result: Passed June 26, becoming SCR#313

June 23, 2020 GA Standards on Police Accountability: An attempt for higher accountability on police standards.
Author: Isaris
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 4 | Against 11
Delegate vote: Against (weight: 733)
Final WA vote: For 7062 (41.0%) | Against 10146 (59.0%)
Result: Failed to pass.

June 27, 2020 SC Condemn Australian rePublic: Seeking to condemn the target nation for their chaotic contribution towards Issues.
Author: Authoritaria-Imperia
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 13 | Against 2
Delegate vote: Against (weight 719)
Final WA vote: For 9371 (66.2%) | Against 4794 (33.8%)
Result: Passed June 30, becoming SCR#314

June 27, 2020 GA Fair Arbitration Act: A resolution to better protect and support fair arbitration on behalf of individuals.
Author: Cretox State
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkLink
Regional vote: For 13 | Against 1 | Abstain 2
Delegate vote: For (weight 718)
Final WA vote: For 13157 (83.9%) | Against 2532 (16.1%)
Result: Passed Jul 1, becoming GAR#496

Poet Laureate Competition

June brought around the XKI Poet Laureate Competition where the region's finest poet's faced off on the topic of 'anger', aiming for the best poem on the topic in any form or style. The winner of this competition was Liberdon and their poem, The Storm's Wrath, is featured below:

The Storm’s Wrath

The midnight sea lay still
Until a wind started to blow
And silence fell to a shrill
And once calm waves began to grow

Far above foaming dark
Rested thatched roofs and clay walls
Nestled in straw, a lark
All unaware as the wind calls

Higher! Higher! the waves howl
Leaping, lashing the salty rock
Suddenly the skies growl
Tick, tock, tick says the clock

Crash! A terrible sound
Waves strike and tear, unleashing wrath
Bash! Bang! Roar! the waves bound
Forgetting caution, the waves scathe

Wind grows weary and dies
Waves calm and recede to the sea
Morning dawns on clear skies
But on wreckage and debris

But do not despair, for
The storm has no more spite
Rejoice and leap and soar
And rebuild what was lost last night

For no storm can last long
And clear skies will always return
The trick is staying strong
Until the waves and wrath adjourn

Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off - Grea Kriopia
Read dispatch

The 7 day weather forecast summary for Arctic:

The forecast for Arctic in the coming week is predicting the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 3°C/37F, with a high for the week of 5°C/41F expected on the afternoon of Saturday 11th. The mean minimum temperature will be 0°C/32F, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Monday 13th at 0°C/32F. Expect the coming week to have mostly dry days although Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th are likely to see a little rain. The current forecast indicates Thursday will have the most precipitation with an accumulation of around 6.0mm/0.23622047 inch, On the whole winds are likely to be moderate

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