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Welcome to The Labyrinth!
Est. November 7, 2014

"A labyrinth has only one path and you merely have to follow it.
It’s a symbol of life or, rather, of life and death."

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Anything you want! The Labyrinth is a place where YOU can decide your own future!

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Regional Power: Moderate

The Labyrinth contains 150 nations, the 113th most in the world.


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The Most Influential in The Labyrinth

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, The Labyrinth is ranked 4,465th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Baby Eaters of VavaxCivil Rights Lovefest“I have not seen convincing evidence that Canada exists.”
2.The Democracy of MerniDemocratic Socialists“Iustitia, Æqualitas, Libertas, Democratia”
3.The Imperial Empire of Portugal Is GreatCorporate Police State“Portugal cannot into great”
4.The Interstellar Empire of Greater VictoraNew York Times Democracy“SEMPER NOBIS VICTOR”
5.The Queendom of AshtieMother Knows Best State“Love and faith will carry us through”
6.The Second General's Kingdom of El SpanaFather Knows Best State“A Seven Nation Army couldn't hold me back.”
7.The Imperium of CinaptnodIron Fist Consumerists“I have a bad feeling about this!”
8.The Split Personality of Hammer BritanniaIron Fist Consumerists“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”
9.The Dictatorship of Swiftlandian Peoples RepublicIron Fist Consumerists“Now That’s a lot of Damage”
10.The Third of His Name of King MinosLiberal Democratic Socialists“Long Live the Labyrinth!”
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Con Ins Lallakerscak wrote:i have banned Tntexplodingtnt for spaming the RMB and duble posting.

His account was banned from ns

Such a shame some people can’t follow simple rules

The following accounts have been banned, for a severe and repeated breach of Labyrinth criminal code section §1.1 Spam.
Alts of TNTexplodingTNT
If you believe this ban was made in mistake, please contact a member of our regional government, the account responsible for the spamming has been reported to NS site mods as well to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Any attempt by this player to do this again will also result in banjection.
Just follow the rules ,Vice Delegate Swift

Ugosal wrote:His account was banned from ns

Such a shame some people can’t follow simple rules

I gotta say though the mods are really fast, they banned him like half a minute after I reported him although I assume other people also reported him

I still need people to join the hockey tournment

The Primorski Krai’an Civil War

Just after fighting the Syndicalists in Primorski Krai, some civilians would go underground, never to be seen again, and we’d think they had died. When we heard that someone was buying guns from nations across The Labyrinth, we laughed it off, thinking it wasn’t true. Nobody knew anything, but what they had said would mean much more than just “buying guns.” Posting propaganda of their own across Vladivostok, Moscow, and even St. Petersburg, more and more heard of this resistance.

Erik von Richthofen wouldn’t see anything of it, thinking it was just a joke. He would continue to recruit and continue the “Only the Strongest of the Strong” program. On a Sunday, or a church day for us, the “Red Army” attacked us. They wore caps that had a red star on them, and their uniforms were a brownish of some sort with some grey mixed in. They attacked Nizhny Novgorod with brute force, attacking in almost seemingly endless waves of men. It was dumb for them to do that, but they would attack nonstop, with the end goal being wasting our ammo, which worked.

Nizhny Novgorod’s guards would run out of ammo from all of their guns, and started using Sabre’s and Daggers. Engaging in tough hand to hand combat, both armies would kill each other with no mercy. After 12 hours of fighting, the Red Army had finally won the Battle of Nizhny Novgorod, and that was their message to the entirety of Primorski Krai, that they were to fight to the bitter ends of Earth. Everyone knew afterwards that this war would be long and grueling, with many lost on both sides.

After the first day of fighting, a pocket of the Red Army would appear in Veliky Novgorod. This time, attacking in silence, only revealing their true selves when they got in the city. The Red Army would fight hard, shooting all they had seen. When the guards heard the shooting, they brought the gatling guns with them. A massive explosion occurred, waking everybody and forcing everybody to evacuate the city.

The Primorski Krai’an soldiers would be engulfed in either flames or the explosion, and only 12 remained. These men would be filled with so much anger, that they would use all of their training to their best ability. One soldier though, Mikhail Krimaen, would be filled with a ton of anger. Using a double barreled shotgun, he would massacre 10 soldiers with two shots before using his Russian 1895 rifle.

He would make every shot count, and when he reloaded, it would take him longer because the Red Army soldiers tried to attack him, but they would die with a quick club from the stock of his rifle to their head. One Red Army soldier got lucky though, and he shot Mikhail Krimaen in the head. The remaining 11 soldiers would go on a rampage, fueled by the same anger Mikhail had, grabbing bottles still a little filled with alcohol and putting a dampened cloth in it, and then lighting it on fire. So many soldiers died due to what these would be called “Molotov Cocktails.”

After the battle, the White Army would have won, but with only one man left, because the rest died in defense of Primorski Krai, the nation they were born in. It wasn’t pretty, but after the battle, 120,500 Red Army soldiers had died, and 1,054 White Army soldiers had been killed. A statue was raised in Vladivostok for the heroes of the two battles, but the war grave waited. More soldiers would be recruited into the army, and they would only have to go through basic training and nothing more.

After three whole days of no fighting, the Red Army attacked Samara. This time, their force was fought by 50,750 Primorski Krai’an men. The soldiers fought valiantly against the clearly bigger force of 100,000. The Primorski Krai’ans would fight with absolutely no mercy whatsoever. A big howitzer cannon would be brought up by the Primorski Krai’ans, and the White Army were told to retreat. The Red Army, thinking they had won, would chase after the White’s.

A cannon explosion bigger than anything before would wipe out 106 of the Red Army’s men. While it was expensive to build, the Primorski Krai’an army had done it. The Howitzer would only fire two shots, but it was enough to send the Red Army on a retreat. The White Army would follow them, shooting as soon as they could see the Red’s. Murdering each and every one of them, they would continue the “No Mercy” policy they gave themselves.

After the battle was over, the entire force of 100,000 Red’s were slaughtered. 29,748 White’s were killed too. After this day of fighting though, the Red Army wouldn’t give up, as they had so many men in their power. After the 3rd day of fighting ended, they would attack Sochi with a force of 25,000, but these soldiers were actually capable of fighting.

When the battle of Sochi started, the force of 25,000 Red Army soldiers attacked ferociously. Wanting revenge for the previous losses they had on the other days of battle, they would kill everyone and use cannons with ball and chain shots loaded in them. A church tower would collapse, creating a shockwave that would knock over several buildings. The White Army force, only consisting of 2,100 men in Sochi, would prepare themselves and set up the gatling guns.

The first wave approached, and they were massacred, with only 2 of the Red Army soldiers remaining. On the second wave, when 20,002 men remained, they would send out the entire force. This time, they threw grenades at the gatling gun positions and would blow them up. The White Army soldiers would retreat to houses in Sochi, wanting to give the Red’s a nearly impossible time taking the city. While the house to house fighting did make it harder for the Red Army forces, the 2,100 men were murdered. They did take 18,000 soldiers with them though, but the Battle of Sochi was a victory for the Red Army.

Afterwards, a force of 120,000 Primorski Krai’an recruits would be sent all across the nation, along with the professionally trained soldiers. At Ufa, the Red Army would take that city with no resistance, although dying due to friendly fire because it was a foggy day. It would look like the Red Army would win this civil war, but that would change with a certain battle.

In Murmansk, a force of 275,000 Red Army soldiers would attack the city. Cannons would fire and take out buildings, but then the Primorski Krai’an soldiers fired their cannons back. They would target the enemy positions, and the force of 30,000 would start building trenches, traps and so much more to defend against the Red Army. They were told to hold Murmansk at all costs.

Gatling guns would be placed in windows and doorways, with the traps being fire traps. It would look like they were preparing for a siege, which they were of course doing. When the Red Army forces moved in for the kill, they were met with heavy resistance from each and every house window, doorway and from soldiers behind sandbags. Cannons would go off and the Red Army would have to retreat and regather for the day to rethink how they could fight the White Army.

When the last Red Army soldier retreated, the White Army would continue building the defenses for the city of Murmansk. They knew they would be encircled eventually, and they would have to fight to the last man. The second day of fighting came, and a Primorski Krai’an sniper that was on top of a rooftop, concealed by the chimney, would hit a barrel full of gunpowder, causing an explosion that killed at least 5 Red Army soldiers.

The Red Army, in rage that the sniper did this, would attack the city, this time with 75,000 reinforcements to replace the losses that they had. Again, they were slaughtered, but this time they managed to take a street and turn it against Murmansk. A squad of Primorski Krai’an soldiers would go over to that street and wipe it out with double barreled shotguns, making sure that they would have the entirety of Murmansk.

At the end of the second day of fighting, 25,183 Red Army soldiers had died in the battle of Murmansk. This would continue on for one whole month until the White Army would start to run out of ammo, which wasn’t good. During the month of fighting, so you know, the Red Army would have 105,000 deaths, and unknown wounded. Yet they continuously reinforced the siege. During the night, a message would be written and a pigeon would be brought out. They stored the message on the pigeon’s foot, and would release it, sending it to Vladivostok.

The message read, “SEND REINFORCEMENTS AND AMMO.” The pigeon would take three days to get to Vladivostok, and in Murmansk the Red Army would take some streets and a few houses. To the soldiers in Murmansk, it seemed incredibly desperate, considering they were low on everything. When low on morale though, a soldier would prove incredible bravery by fighting for the streets and houses they had lost back. It was brutal, the Red Army would suffer a massive beating during these campaigns. Eventually, they would take two streets back, and five houses.

After an entire week of waiting for reinforcements and supplies, with brutal fighting with the Red Army, the White Army defending Murmansk would finally receive needed supplies and reinforcements. Ammo, and a force of 70,000 soldiers as reinforcements. Together, they would fight hard and strong in Murmansk, not allowing one step back. The ammo they had gotten was a real help, and they had received a howitzer cannon.
Using the howitzer cannon, they would annihilate a large majority of the Red Army’s reinforcements and supplies. When they attacked, the gatling guns would fire down the range, murdering each and every single one of the soldiers that came into view. Explosive traps would be set in the middle of night, and on the 2nd month of the siege, the Red Army would walk right into their trap. That 2nd month was the final day of the siege, as the Red Army would surrender. They were so tired of fighting that they would give up and retreat.

Red Army deaths: 432,594 deaths

White Army deaths: 29,042 deaths

The Siege of Murmansk proved to the entire Labyrinth that the White Army, even in their darkest days, will prevail. The White Army would start a campaign of offensives, first in Ufa to retake their beloved peaceful city. They would fight the Red Army ferociously, with no mercy. They would decapitate enemy soldiers, and burn them alive with Molotov Cocktails. Ufa, somehow sustaining no damages besides some bullet holes, would be retaken.

When refighting for Nizhny Novgorod, they would use ball and chain shots and would aim at buildings to limit house to house fighting. The White Army force of 125,000, would be very cautious because this could become a Murmansk but for the Red Army. After the cannons ran out of ball and chain shots they would use high explosive rounds. After they ran out of that, the White Army soldiers moved in to retake Nizhny Novgorod. When fighting street to street, they would clear the houses that still stood on their foundations. Sooner or later, they’d find a force of 5,000 Red’s, and they were massacred.

The battle was over, and the White Army suffered 1 man wounded because he scraped himself on some rubble. At this point, it was the end for the Red Army. Yet they wouldn’t give up, because they had one last city they owned, Sochi. The Siege of Sochi had started, and a bombardment would start on the city. The Red Army was forced to retreat into their houses, and they would be killed if they did that. The bombardment would last two weeks, and then the White Army would move in

Fierce fighting ensued from the remaining Red Army. Their policy was “Kill all Whites” and the White Army’s policy was “Kill all Reds.” They hated each other, and they would kill each other whether it was to break their rifle or break their sword, they wanted to kill each other. Continuing on with the battle, a soldier would go on a rampage, first using his rifle to shoot, but using it to club the enemy. He was a White Army soldier, but a Red Army soldier would do the exact same. When they found each other, they would fight hard.

Punching each other, kicking each other, you name it. They wanted each other dead, it didn't matter if one another would have to look like their face was deformed. The White Army soldier grabbed a piece of rubble, but was denied. They fought for so long that they became the only soldiers to remain in both of their armies. Eventually, the White Army soldier would come out on top, by stabbing the Red Army soldier in the skull.

Yet because of the wounds he had sustained, he would collapse and die moments later. The battle was a White Army victory, but the force of 125,000 the White Army had would die, and the force of 200,000 the Red Army had would die too.

This war had finally come to an end, after a year of brutal fighting. It would see the rise and fall of many.

The Final Death Toll:

The Red Army: 961,094
The White Army: 188,464 with 1 wounded

The rebuilding of these cities, besides Ufa, would be long and hard, but they would complete it because they had built these cities. It was finally the end of the war, and the soldiers could finally live in peace, for now.

I will be recording all my votes in the URA, along with the reasons, in this dispatch.

In this dispatch I will be listing all the votes I make as voting representative to the URA from The Labyrinth, including votes on GA and SC proposals and URA legislation.
Note: The URA takes votes on GA and SC proposals, before they reach the vote in the WA, from all its member regions (each gets a number of votes according to the number of WA members in that region). Based on the majority vote, the URA issues non-binding recommendations on how to vote for each resolution.

My general policy:

  1. AGAINST all SC Commend/Condemn resolutions, as I believe they are pointless and a waste of time. (Against even condemning raiders, as that basically gives them a trophy). FOR all repeals of such resolutions.

  2. FOR all SC Liberations which may help a region to be freed from raiders. I will consider repeals of liberations on a case-by-case basis.

  3. GA resolutions: will decide based on the resolution. Generally FOR anything that gives more rights or equality to citizens.


24.9.20: GA Proposal "Sovereign Justice Accord" by Pope Saint Peter the Apostle
Reason: This resolution takes away some amount of sovereignty from nations, and puts some burden on them. However, it is also useful to have such an international court as the resolution establishes, and the procedures seem reasonable for the most part.

24.9.20: SC Proposal "Condemn The Land Of Kings And Emperors" by Makdon
Reason: See policy point 1. GA / SC Proposal "name" by author
Read dispatch

I hope this will increase the transparency and accountability of this region's votes in the URA. If you have questions or constructive criticism, please @ping me on Discord or in the RMB.

Ugosal wrote:His account was banned from ns

Such a shame some people can’t follow simple rules

You’d have to be really dumb to get banned from NS. I’d never respect anyone who had ever done so. Looks in mirror with disappointment

Post self-deleted by Liebfraumitch.

Santa Ramon wrote:You’d have to be really dumb to get banned from NS. I’d never respect anyone who had ever done so. Looks in mirror with disappointment

agree, you would probably not care though, people who get banned are always the ones that don’t care.

Liebfraumitch wrote:agree, you would probably not care though, people who get banned are always the ones that don’t care.

No, it's just that people who get banned say they don't care because they don't want to look/feel "weak".

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